A Demon In Our House Guest

Our daughter Kristie came to my wife Barbara just after Christmas of 1979 and asked if a girl named Debbie, who was attending her High School, could live with us until she graduated in June of that same year.  At the time, Debbie who had made some bad choices in her young life was living with her very abusive boyfriend.  It seems that Debbie had become quite rebellious toward her devout Baptist parents, and had moved into this young man’s apartment. The young man an immigrant from Brazil was involved in drugs and witchcraft.  At the time Kristie asked if her friend could stay in our home, Debbie had been beaten severely by this man on several occasions. She had become quite fearful of him.

After hearing her story we agreed to allow Debbie to move in until she graduated from high school six months later.  At the time Debbie moved into our home her countenance was hard, and she was quite depressed.

On Sunday mornings we would attend our traditional Episcopal Church, and on Sunday evening we would attend a Pentecostal Church located near our home. I noticed that when we attended the Pentecostal Church that Debbie would develop a twitch in the left side of her cheek. The twitch was quite pronounced, especially during the sermon. I observed this devilish activity for several weeks.  Then one Sunday evening as we arrived home from the Pentecostal Church, I told Barbara “We are going to deal with that devil in Debbie tonight!” My Daughters Kristi and Christina had invited two boys from the Pentecostal church to our home to visit after the church service. When we arrived home I told the girls and their two friends to meet in the daylight basement recreation room, while Barbara and I talked with Debbie in the first floor living room.  Debbie had her shoes off and was setting in a straight chair facing me, and Barbara was on her left side.  I explained to Debbie that I had observed the twitch in her cheek muscles when we were in church that night, and that we were going to pray and demand that the evil spirit that was causing the twitch to leave her.

I said to the demon “in the name of Jesus I command you to come out of this girl” immediately her feet wrapped around the cross bar at the bottom of the chair, her head went back so that she was looking straight up to the ceiling, her eyes rolled up into the top of her head so all I could see was the white of her eyes, and she let out a blood-curdling scream at the top of her lungs like a banshee “Eeeeeeyaaaaa”.  Keep in mind that this is the first time either I or Barbara had ever prayed for deliverance. I continued to command that the devil come out of her, and each time I did so, her feet would wrap around the cross-bar of the chair and her head would go back, and her eyes would roll up into the top of her head so that all we could see was the white of her eyes; and devil in her would use Debbie’s voice to scream out the same blood-curdling scream Eeeeeeyaaaaa. When our girls and their friends heard the screams they hit the floor and began to pray.  I continued to command that the devil come out of her for about thirty to forty minutes but I couldn’t get it to come out.  Debbie was tired, I was tired, Barbara was tired and our daughters their friends were shook up.

Well one thing for sure I knew that she had devil… but frankly this being my first deliverance, I didn’t know that it was the spirit of witchcraft, and I didn’t know for sure how to get it out.

So I decided to wait until Wednesday evening and ask Tim Schlitzer a policeman friend of mine, who was in my Bible study group, to come to my house and help me with the deliverance. The following Wednesday Tim Schlitzer and I spelled each other off, until we wore that devil down and he came out of Debbie. I later learned that witchcraft is no minor devil. It had apparently gotten into Debbie when she engaged in sex with that young man from Brazil. Young people need to understand that having sex outside of marriage can have disastrous results.

What happened to Debbie? She graduated from High School; she married and had children, and is now in her mid-fifties living a normal, happy life somewhere in the mid-western part of the nation.

If you live a normal moral Christian life, the devil and his demon spirits have only one road or avenue by which they can attack you; they play games with your mind.  They impress their negative, evil thoughts on your mind in an attempt to get you to think upon and confess those thoughts.  They attempt to manipulate your physical senses and your emotions to get you to believe something that is not really true.  They try to make you believe the worst about your life, your family, your health, your finances, your business, etc.  If you begin to think upon and confess the devil’s lies, you will begin to perceive his thoughts as reality, and they will eventually become established in your life.  If on the other hand you become involved in a sinful worldly lifestyle, and become involved in sexual sin or a worldly lifestyle like the Debbie in the above War Story Number 3, you may open your life to a demon spirit just like she did. Now let’s take a closer look at how an evil spirit works to gradually take over ones thinking and eventually, if you let him, your entire body, soul and spirit.

DEPRESSION …When a problem arises in your life, a devilish spirit of fear causes you to think thoughts of failure and defeat that attack your mind; we commonly call this condition “depression.” The demonic spirit causing you to become depressed is actually on the outside of you—this spirit impresses his devilish thoughts on your mind. If you refuse his thoughts, and you meditate (think upon and confess) the Word of God concerning the answer to your problem, you will defeat him. If you resist the devil and his demons, and you refuse to allow his thoughts to dominate your mind, the spirit of fear will have to leave you (James 4:7, 1 Peter 5:9).

OBSESSION… If however, you begin to receive these devilish thoughts of fear and failure, and you meditate upon (think upon and confess) them until they dominate you’re thinking, you will give that demon spirit permission to enter your mind. When that spirit enters your mind, his thoughts will become your thoughts—they will become an obsession; they will dominate your every thought. Once a demonic spirit enters your mind, he can control it. Now that spirit is in you (in your mind) and you will require help in order to be set free from this spirit and his oppressive fearful thoughts. On the other hand if you enter into a sinful lifestyle you can also open yourself to a demon, in affect you give him a pathway to enter your mind or your body.  This is what happened to Debbie, the girl in this month’s “War Story for the Joshua Generation”.  Debbie disobeyed her parents, moved in with her boyfriend, a man who had been practicing witchcraft, and a man who had demon spirits in him. One of those demon spirits in her boyfriend was able to enter Debbie’s body when she had sexual relations with the boyfriend.

It is my experience in praying for people around the world that often a very fearful and traumatic experience in one’s life such as an accident or a physical attack on one’s person may also allow an evil spirit to slip into and obsess that person’s mind or body.

POSSESSION … If a person allows their mind to be obsessed with negative demonic thinking long enough and does not get help, that demonic spirit may get down into his spirit, and completely take over their mind, spirit, and body. We use the word “possessed” to describe the state of a person who is totally controlled by an evil spirit. In the more than thirty years that I have been praying for people, I have met very few individuals who are actually possessed, and they have all been non-believers. A person cannot be possessed and be a believer. Once a person is possessed by an evil spirit they will definitely require help to be delivered and set free.

Bob Bignold
National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America