August President's Newsletter

The Glory Fell in the Nigerian National Convention 


The 2012 Nigerian National Convention theme was “The Season of His Glory” and truly the Glory fell on the convention.  It was the largest National Convention ever held in Nigeria with more than 30-35,000 attending. In truth, it was the largest ever held in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. The convention was secured in an open field at the Nigeria National Police College, Ikeja in Lagos. It started at 5-PM Wednesday, August 15 and ended after midnight Sunday, August 19, 2012.


Worshippers gathered under huge tents and glorified God through song and dance

The convention was housed under four large circus type tent structures, each with a seating capacity of 7,500 people for a total capacity of 30,000 people. On each side of the four tents, was additional chair seating available for 10-15,000 people in an open field. Evening meetings featured crowds of 25,000 to 30,000 people. I personally could not see beyond the seating area in the head table tent, but Douglas Raine reported that he saw all the seats filled in the Thursday morning meeting. The Convention Committee reported that 8,498 people received Salvation, and 1,487 people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the Convention itself. An additional 17,219 received Salvation and an additional 7,785 people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in Chapter meetings, and fire Team outreaches held before and during the Convention.

The Nigerian National Convention opened Wednesday evening with a Grand Parade Celebration, as thousands of men and women entered the convention arena, carrying banners representing their state and region.  As they danced around the arena singing songs of worship unto the Lord, “I thought this must be what it will be like in heaven!” It took over an hour for all the Convention Delegates to pass before the head table reviewing stand.  


The FGBMFAmerica delegation [consisting of Bob Bignold, Douglas Raine, and our own Joshua, Nathan Cole] was dwarfed by the huge crowd of Nigerians attending their convention in Lagos, Nigeria.  We received a special welcome and introduction to the convention by Nigerian FGBMFI National President, Arc. Ifeanyi Odedo.

Bob sharing on the first night of the convention.

On the first night of the convention, Bob Bignold, National President of FGBMFAmerica, was given the opportunity to speak before the gathering.  Bob thanked the Nigerian leadership for their strong stand for righteousness, which he said has “rescued the Vision and saved the Fellowship from destruction.” He also thanked Azike Diribe, National Director Nigeria, for sharing the Word of the Lord which launched the “Full Gospel Global Forum” and a new move of “Unity in the Spirit” at the London Prayer Summit last January.      This year’s Nigerian National Convention was their 70th Regional and National Convention since the Nigerian Fellowship was founded in the early 1980’s.  The first night of the convention ended with an altar call in which 100-150 men and women accepted Christ.

It was truly a blessing for us Americans to have witnessed the Glory falling in the Nigerian Convention and to be where the Spirit of God is flowing in love and unity unhindered by the control of man. I am convinced that if we in America will continue to walk in love, continue to pray and to give the Spirit of God first place in our Fellowship, it will be like this again in America. (The Wednesday report was written by Bob Bignold) 


Our FGBMFA involvement with the FGBMFI Nigerian Convention was awesome. Both men and women were commissioned to experience God, evangelize, mentor and go make disciples. The outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit has been powerful. As God’s Word was being taught on Thursday  morning August 17, three hundred people came forward to receive Jesus as their Savior, and have their names added to the “Lamb’s Book of Life.” Also some 5,000 people responded to prayer for family relationships as Dr. Mrs. Olo Adedeji (wife of Arc. Bunmi Adedeji past President of FGBMFI Nigeria) taught on family relations. 

The Joshua Generation is Alive in Nigeria


Douglas Raine gives the opening prayer during Thursday Night’s Meeting

The Thursday night meeting featured Joshua Generation Testimonies (this is the second year that the Nigerian Fellowship has been featuring a Joshua Generation Celebration).  Our Joshua, (Nathan Cole) was asked to share in that meeting.  Nathan is a 27 year old man from Little Elm, TX. He is the young man who developed and maintains our FGBMFA website.  Nathan shared with the convention a vision which the Lord had given to him years before during an evening prayer meeting. 

“While in deep intercession on behalf of my generation, God showed me a malnourished African child.  This child was maimed with no arms or legs, but a large, swollen belly. As I looked into the child’s face, I noticed there were no eyes, ears, or a mouth. Only a nose positioned itself amongst a devastating darkness that was representative of our generation. As I prayed through each sense, God revealed to me how much of our generation has yet to see, hear, taste, or feel the manifest presence of our God.  God spoke to me about the sense of smell and how deeply it can affect us without a full awareness or understanding.”  

The hope of our generation is in the atmosphere we create by our obedience to the Father, which becomes to Him a sweet smelling savor! Our generation may not yet fully understand God’s manifest presence, but I believe that God can restore these senses through our obedience to His call.

“I was greatly inspired to see young, successful businessmen, representing the Fellowship and sharing their vision to plant hundreds of “New Joshua Generation Chapters” throughout the nation of Nigeria. When the call was given for young men and women to develop Joshua Chapters, 800 to 1000 men came forward to answer the call.  Architect Ifeanyi Odedo, the current National President of the Fellowship in Nigeria, shared his vision for 4,000 chapters in Nigeria (they currently have 3200 chapters). Arc. Odedo said that he had wondered how it would be possible to reach 4,000 chapters!  After seeing the response from the young Joshua Generation men and women, he realized that this is how his tremendous vision for growth would be fulfilled.

The keynote evangelist that evening shared how a heavy burden was lifted off of his heart tonight.  He said that he has often wondered, “Who am I going to hand this battle to?”  But after seeing the earlier Joshua generation response he said “this burden has been lifted”.

As a representative of this fatherless generation, who has now become a father, I implore the Moseses reading this message today: Don’t wait another minute, step up and become a father to a younger man that God has placed in your sphere of influence.  Make sure that this cycle of fatherlessness STOPS here.   And to you Joshuas, submit yourself to a Moses, ask him to help you make sound decisions in life. (Thursday report was written by Nathan Cole)

Nathan Cole shares a vision God gave him concerning the Joshua Generation


Friday evening, the Nigerian National President, Arc. Ifeanyi Odedo, stood before the convention assembly and taught from the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  Shortly after he spoke the words, “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” (John 11:40) a Nigerian Royal Tribal Leader in the front row fell out of his chair, with his right hand over his heart.   He laid motionless on the grass turf. Immediately, believers surrounded the man praying in the Holy Spirit.  Arc. Odedo pronounced healing over the man, using the very verses he had been teaching a moment earlier, and then continued on with the message.  The Royal Leader was carried off on a stretcher. 

At the end of the meeting President Odedo shared the good news that his royal highness was alive and well. The crowd responded in an atmosphere of expectation with cries of “Jesus! Jesus!”   

When the call was made for salvation, 800-1000 additional individuals responded to his message of hope and received Christ as their savior.   


CLICK to watch the video of the Salvation Altar Call


On Saturday morning the American Delegation attended the International Breakfast held at the Sheraton Hotel and Tower, where we were staying.  In addition to business executives from Nigeria, the breakfast was also attended by the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Presidents from Ghana, Sierra Leone and America.  Testimonies of deliverance and family restoration were shared before Bob Bignold, FGBMFA National President, delivered the main message.  Many people came forward for salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, deliverance, and healing. The American delegation ministered to the people and Jesus was glorified!  

Saturday evening, the final night of the convention, the Nigerian Fellowship’s Legal Advisor, Wole Olufon explained to the convention, that last year when Richard Shakarian and his Nigerian collaborators tried to illegally take over FGBMFI Nigeria, the Nigerian Fellowship Board of Directors obtained a temporary court order from the Nigerian Courts restraining Richards actions. This Court Order prevented Eghosa Ogedegbe, the man Richard Shakarian had appointed as National President from representing himself to be the “National President Nigeria.” The Fellowships legal advisor announced that a final decision on that case will be announced by the Nigerian Courts in October.  

The National Legal Advisor also announced that a full page advertisement that had run in two Lagos newspapers the day the Lagos National Convention started, announcing a “Pan African Convention” in November, was not sanctioned by the Nigerian Fellowship. He cautioned the people not to be deceived into attending that convention.


Saturday evening more than 1,000 men and women came forward to pledge $1,000.00 US dollars to the “Minor Argenbright” fund of the Nigerian Fellowship to take “The Good News” to the nations.

Three hundred more Nigerians responded to the message of hope and received the Spirit of the Lord just after midnight. 

The audience closed the convention by holding hands and singing “His Banner over Us is Love.”


(Friday and Saturday report was written by Douglas Raine)


Bob shares at International Breakfast (right) and leads new believers into Holy Spirit Baptism (left)


Fire Teams addressed students at the Nigeria Police College before the start of the convention and 2,500 members of the National Police Academy prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior. 

FGBMFI has more than four hundred chapters in the city of Lagos alone. Population of Lagos was reported to be twelve million people. 

Marketplace Outreaches – Chapter Meetings

Attendance – 9,725, First Time Visitors – 5,472, Salvations -3,495, Baptisms in Holy Spirit – 896, Memberships – 1,875

Fire Team Outreaches

Meetings – 105 Gospel Presentations and 9,247 Salvations; 4,290 Baptisms in the Holy Spirit; 207 Numerous Healings; Memberships 598; Voice Magazine Distribution – 17,727.


Truly the Glory fell in the Nigerian Convention, and your American Delegation considered it an honor to have been present.



Robert W Bignold

National President

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America