Eight Annual National Convention Recap

Greetings in the Name of Jesus,

We have just completed the FGBMFA Eighth Annual National Convention and what a glorious time it was.  We fellowshipped in God’s presence as His love manifested with unity and affection for one another.  Each and every attendee is precious in God’s eyes and in our hearts as fellow workers in His Kingdom.  The hunger and desire in our heart was:

  •  That we truly have an “open Heaven” (Gen.28:12) over our gathering in His Name
  • That each one would know His love in greater depth
  • That we see more clearly, the call He has upon ALL of us for these days to accomplish His will in our nation

The entire Convention seemed to have the same theme of urgency for “each one to hear His voice clearly and obey instantly” with faith and boldness in the Holy Spirit.  We sensed such an anointing of His presence in all the meetings– ALL were great and powerful as the speakers blessed each one in attendance.  Of course, the anointed worship set the stage for God’s presence to cover us like a cloak of peace and joy in Him.

A short note about the Women’s Luncheon and our faithful ladies serving in the Partner’s calling:  Our speaker for the meeting was Elisabeth Fink, a beautiful young woman of 28 who currently serves our country in the United States Air Force.  Elisabeth’s testimony was one of growing up in a Christian home, going into the world’s culture and backsliding, but during a tour in Iraq she saw her need for a personal relationship with God.  Now God is directing her path, and she knows in her heart the joy of that relationship as she moves on to her destiny in Him.

We had other powerful testimonies.  Donna Vivian (now Donna Weber from Tulsa) and Pat Van Parys (from Seattle) spoke of God’s faithfulness, while over the age of 65, they both became brides of godly men in the last year!  See, God will fulfill the desire that is in your heart.

What I really want to say to you ladies is how grateful we are to have such loving, gifted women who have a hunger to know God’s presence up close and personal!  You are awesome, loved and appreciated so much by the Lord and by me.  May each one of you grow deeper in His Word and His presence in the coming year so we can be effective and not deceived in any way.   Let us stand strong to finish the race in God’s direction and time.

Now I need to share the cry of Bob’s and my heart for you– we are so blessed to serve alongside each of you who are gifted, on fire for Him, bold in the word, faithful men and women.  This Fellowship is about you who are called of God to take the message of Jesus Christ to every corner of the world, to live out God’s love as Jesus did, and to truly become “a band of brothers and sisters” in establishing His word upon this earth.  We see this Fellowship as a team on a field of dreams where there are leaders, but it takes all of us playing together in unity and respect for each other, doing our best with God’s gifting.  No one is superior to another but each is God’s chosen vessel so the game can be won.  I will say it again; each one of you is God’s creation, chosen for such a time as this, working in unity for God’s Glory to reveal Jesus to a lost culture/world.  May you prepare yourself as never before by seeking His face, digging into the Word more and then moving forward as the Holy Spirit directs for our calling to this nation.

The time is precious and may be short – so let’s do the Father’s business in the marketplace for Him.

In God’s love,

Barbara Bignold

PS: please read Bill Johnson’s books “Hosting the Presence of God, Releasing the Power of Jesus” (power of our testimony)