2014 is FGBMFAmerica’s Eighth Year –

In the February newsletter I described a prophetic vision that Dr. Richard Maiden received from the Lord the final night of last year’s Convention in Dallas. In that vision he saw people standing in a great hall and they were carrying candles, but many of the candles were not burning. And I asked the readers, “Is your candle burning?”

In Sid Roth’s March 2014 Newsletter, he asked a similar question, “Do you have enough oil in your lamp to keep it burning?” Sid Roth was our speaker on that same Saturday night of our 2013 Convention. Sid goes on to say:


Miracles were normal in the early church. Why is most of the church not normal today? Where is the fire? As I sought the Lord during the last weeks of 2013, He showed me what was missing. At Pentecost there was an amazing outpouring of His Spirit and the people were hungry for God. Today, we are approaching the largest, worldwide outpouring of His Spirit in history. But not all will participate. Not all will be walking in biblical holiness. Not all will be hungry for more of God.


God has given His fire to a few men and women. They were forerunners of the great outpouring of His fire. Rodney Howard-Browne was so hungry for God that he went into his bedroom and told God he would not leave until God came to him.


Bill Johnson developed an insatiable hunger for God, he would cry out to God all the time, even in his sleep. The fire came on Bill for three nights and God gave him a great miracle ministry.


I wondered – could any believer receive this same fire? This was my revelation:Because of the great outpouring that is about to happen, any believer who hungers and thirsts for more of God will be filled! But you must walk in holiness and seek His Kingdom first. The call is going out right now. Like the five wise virgins in Matthew 25, will you have enough oil (a type of the Holy Spirit) to keep your lamp burning?


“Is your candle burning?” The answer to that question may well determine if you and I will participate in the next, and perhaps the greatest spiritual awakening to ever hit this planet.


For many of you, last year’s FGBMFA National Convention in Texas put the fire of the Holy Spirit back in your life. This year’s Convention is about three months away and we sense the anointing on the speakers we have selected has intensified even greater.


Register and make your hotel room reservation now for the 2014 Dallas-Ft. Worth Convention. Click  https://fgbmfamerica.org/.


Here is a review of our speaker lineup.


Chris Overstreet

As in the past, the Joshua Generation will open the first meeting on Thursday evening, July 3. The speaker is Chris Overstreet. Chris is on the staff of “Bill Johnson’s Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry” in Redding, California and like Jamie Dickson, Johnathan Shuttlesworth, Jason Westerfield and other young men who have spoken in our meetings, he ministers in a supernatural anointing. Chris is the author of A Practical Guide to Evangelism Supernaturally. He is passionate about walking in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, out of which flows salvations, miracles and life changing transformations.


Dudley Perio will be speaking on Friday morning, July 4 in the Breakfast Meeting, as well as the Friday Evening General Session. Dudley is a business man whose company designs and manufactures innovative equipment for the oil and gas industry. Dudley’s God-given designs for the petroleum industry are revolutionizing the industry in China, Venezuela, Chile and Mexico. Perhaps even more relevant to our convention is the supernatural anointing that God has placed in Dudley’s life that produces extraordinary healings and creative miracles as he ministers in the marketplace.

Tumors disappear, cancer healed, creative miracles occur, cripples walk and lives changed by the power of God. Recently while on a business trip to China, his wheelchair bound interpreter was healed when God told Dudley, “Lay your hand on her shoulder.” Dudley obeyed and the interpreter rose up out of the wheelchair totally healed. Dudley’s story, Living in God’s Glory, is available on Amazon.com



Dr. Lance Wallnau, our Saturday evening keynote speaker has pioneered the concept that Christian business leaders should move out of the comfort Zone of the “religious world”. It’s time to take the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all seven arenas of society: religion, family, government, arts and entertainment, media, business, and education. One of our National Directors, Phil Harrison, recently witnessed the impact that Lance’s teaching is having in Asia when he visited Singapore recently. Dr. Wallnua’s teaching has greatly influenced the Fellowship in Singapore and other areas of Asia at the very top of the economic ladder.


Chuck Ripka, our Friday Men’s Luncheon speaker has gained a great deal of media attention from a cover story in the New York Times and a television documentary that was aired by a French television network concerning his ministry in the marketplace. In his book God Out of the Box, Chuck relates the story of how Jesus appeared to him in a vision and anointed him as a “Marketplace Apostle.”


I heard the Lord speak to me. “I want you to prostrate yourself before me.” Right there with more than one hundred people in the room I lay down prostrated on the floor; as I closed my eyes, a vision (like a movie) began playing before… I was laying down in darkness, and before me were seven rising steps; I lifted my head to see where the steps led and there sitting on a golden throne was Jesus. Brilliant light shown all around Him, He looked down at me and with two fingers beckoned me forward. I rose and stepped toward Him. Now light was shining all around me, I tried to keep my knees from shaking. A crown leaned against Jesus throne. Jesus picked up the crown and stood. Then He motioned with His hand for me to stand and put my head down, and He placed the crown on me.


“Chuck” He said, “This crown represents the authority I have given you to go into your sphere of influence in the marketplace. I want you to take this Authority and go into places that I have called you to go and use it to tear down strongholds that the enemy places before you…”


Wow, I thought – here is my commission from God! “There is only one time when you will lay your crown down,” Jesus said, “That is when you come to worship Me. Don’t forget to take the crown with you when you leave here.”


Chuck Ripka’s story will enlarge your vision and radically influence your future.


While the men described above will be speaking in the general sessions, other ministries will be available during the Convention:


Dr. Richard Maiden ministers under a strong prophetic anointing and will be speaking in a Breakout Session and ministering to those attending the convention as the Lord leads him. Dr. Maiden’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit will add depth to the spiritual experience at the Convention.


Bob Bassler is the Founder and Director of New Life Deliverance Center in South Bend, Indiana. If you have a friend or acquaintance addicted to alcohol, drugs, sexual perversion or unclean spirits, bring them to the Convention to be set free by this powerful and effective ministry. Bob will be available for ministry during the entire convention.


Richard Pena and his worship team literally brought the glory of God down on the convention in last year’s meetings and they are prepared to do it again this summer.


Benjamin Idayi is dedicated to intercessory prayer that is open for anyone to join 24/7 during the Convention. See insert in the registration packet for location.


Child Care – for a total family experience, this year we are offering toddler care, but to assure your child can be accommodated, prior to the convention, parents must make arrangements by contacting Amanda Burge at amanda.burge@live.com.


Children’s Ministry – kids will learn more about Jesus and how to reach for higher standards of Godliness. These sessions will be packed with skits, music, crafts, games and more.


Teen/Youth Ministry – sometimes this awkward phase of young life just needs a place to connect, make new friends and refresh in God. We have trusted and caring leaders for this vital assignment.


This will be FGBMFA’s Eighth Annual National Convention; in scripture, the number eight represents new beginnings. Pray for a new beginning in our Fellowship. Join with me and the men of the Seattle Chapter, together with others across the nation in weekly prayer for an increase of God’s Glory on our 2014 National Convention in Dallas – Ft Worth.


I am asking our FGBMFA Chapters to pray now and through the July 3 – 5 Convention for a new beginning in God’s Fellowship worldwide.


Make plans now to be in Dallas in July!  


Go to  https://fgbmfamerica.org/ for registration and hotel reservation details.


In Jesus’ Name,

Robert W. Bignold
National President,
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America