FGBMFA President's Newsletter 7-26-11


The day after the Dallas/Fort Worth Convention, I received the following email from Jim Moon, one of the first men to join FGBMFA, from the state of Georgia. Jim must have sent the email as soon as he got off the plane from the convention:

Sunday, July 03, 2011 5:54 PM

“Wow! and Wow! again.

What a wonderful weekend in Texas. Thank you for allowing me to attend the FGBMFA 5th Annual Convention this past weekend. I can honestly say that I’ve been awash with the Holy Spirit since Thursday afternoon when we arrived. A truly professionally planned and conducted conference yet a time well spent in the presence of Godly Men and the Holy Spirit. Wow!

I can’t wait for January and Georgia Men’s Advance and then the 6th Annual FGBMFA National Convention in Atlanta next year when the whole Full Gospel Business Men’s world will attend.”

Jim Moon

I think Jim’s email describes the enthusiasm and the sense of God’s presence that everyone attending the FGBMFA Convention experienced.

The Convention opened on Thursday evening, following the Directors and Delegates business meetings, with a Music Festival presented by several friends of the Fellowship. The Music Festival was followed by a time of fellowship between the Directors, Chapter Officers and Delegates.

The Friday morning breakfast meeting featured a 20-year-old Joshua Generation evangelist named Joshua Alvarez, who launched the Convention with a wave of healing and the prophetic word.

The Friday Men’s luncheon featured David Lykken, a consultant to the mortgage industry. He is a featured speaker on the FOX Business Network. David opened the Men’s Luncheon by calling Dr. Terry Peters forward, giving him an encouraging prophetic word and praying for the healing of Dr. Peters’ body. At the same time in another area of the hotel, Debra Evans the speaker in the Ladies’ Luncheon gave Dr. Peters’ wife, Gerri, the same encouraging word.

This prophetic word, spoken by the Holy Spirit though two different vessels of God, give a snippet of the anointing on the ministry which took place in the convention.

The Spirit of God spoke the following Words to Debra Evans, the ladies Luncheon Speaker, on Saturday, July 2nd 2011, but she did not have an opportunity to share it before the Convention, therefore I have included it in this Presidents Newsletter for your admonition.

Matthew 14:17-21 (Brokenness Equals Distribution)

“I saw Jesus take the bread, bless it, break it and then He allowed those with clean hands to distribute it to the people. I saw Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship being blessed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit for many years, and then I saw God break it… Now I see God using it once again to distribute the anointing of the original vision throughout the world.

Just like the story of the loaves and fishes, God is now ready to distribute the anointing of the “Vision” throughout the world, but only because He has already blessed it and broke it. The distribution of the anointing through clean hands, is the season of change we are all sensing.

God is only going to distribute what he has blessed and broken.

I not only see the organization, but I also see men whom He can use, those who have been blessed and broken. The personal part to this prophetic word is that God is not only Blessing and Breaking the Fellowship, but He is also blessing and breaking those with clean hands, those whom He has chosen to distribute the Vision.

Not until we are willing to be broken of self, pride, personal agendas, and giving up what we want, will God move again to fulfill all that He has promised to the Fellowship, and complete the “Distribution of the Vision”.

In the same way, God wants the leadership of the Fellowship to walk in love, to demonstrate honesty, character, righteousness, integrity of life, purity of heart, and with clean hands, to walk in holiness and submission to the Spirit of God.

Yes, there is a blessing promised, but until He (Jesus) breaks it (like he did the loaves and the fishes), it will not be multiplied and distributed to the world. God’s desire is for every man in the Fellowship and for the Fellowship itself, is to be broken before Him, so He can distribute His Vision through them to the Nations of the World.

The Vision was given to lead a people who would not shrink back in the time of “Breaking”. It is given for those who would persevere to the end. We must not shrink back from the battle at hand. God’s best has been prepared for such a time at this. We are the instrument of distribution because we have been Blessed and Broken. Now is the time to move to the Nations and fulfill the destiny that God gave Demos in the Vision though which He founded the Fellowship.

In His Service,
Debra Evans”

Friday evening, Dudley Hall, a well-known Texas Bible Teacher, taught the Convention the Father-Nature of God. Dudley encouraged those present by opening the Word of God to the knowledge that we are not orphans, but we are the sons of God. We are to rest in God, knowing that He is our Heavenly Father and that He will meet all our needs as any good father would.

Saturday morning, Allen Morris, from the Fayetteville, North Carolina “All America Chapter”, made a special presentation to the Convention. Allen explained that the Fayetteville Chapter is named after the famous All America 82nd Airborne Division, stationed near Fayetteville. Allen presented FGBMFA National President Bob Bignold with the Division’s Flag, a book describing the history of the Division and various patches and insignia representing the various units in the Division. The presentation, made just prior to the Fourth of July celebrations across the country, was very appropriate. I want to give a hearty “Thank you” to Allen Morris and the “All America Chapter”!

Saturday morning is traditionally reserved for the Joshua Generation testimonies and speakers and we had a wonderful turnout from the Joshua Generation in the Dallas/Fort Worth Convention. Chris Berg, the National Director for the Joshua Generation Chapters, emceed the meeting and Eric Letz, the 30-year-old CEO of Wilbanks Metals (a company with 30 million in annual sales), gave an inspirational testimony and demonstrated by example the potential for leadership that exists in the Fellowship among the men of the Joshua Generation.

Saturday evening, Dr. Mark Rutland, President of Oral Roberts University and keynote speaker for the Convention, gave a rousing testimony concerning his life in the Spirit. Dr. Rutland, a Methodist Minister when he was baptized in the Spirit, told of his resistance to the Charismatic Movement and how the Holy Spirit overcame that resistance, and filled him with the Spirit of God. At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Rutland invited those who were present to come forward for prayer and ministry. I would estimate that half of the room came forward for prayer.

After the meeting, a young lady in her teens, the granddaughter of one of our leaders, approached the wife of one of our Directors with questions about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Director’s wife got her husband out of bed and the two of them led the young lady into the Baptism in the Holy Spirit- complete with speaking in tongues. While they were praying for the young lady, a group of Joshua Generation men and women joined them. The older couple went to bed while the younger people ministered to the granddaughter until 4 A.M. That’s the way it used to be… that’s the working of the Holy Spirit that was so reminiscent of the early days of the Fellowship and that same Spirit of Freedom is returning to the Fellowship!

I encourage you men and women of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America to be open to ministry of the Holy Spirit and embrace a fresh anointing of the Spirit of God in the year to come.

Everyone that I spoke to individually, who attended the Convention, told me that the Spirit and Freedom in this Convention was reminiscent of the early days of the Fellowship.

One of the highlights of the Convention for me was a two and one-half hour private meeting with the Delegation of African leaders from Nigeria. They gave a glowing report concerning the 2700 Chapter, 50,000 member, Nigerian Fellowship. I was personally blessed to hear of the unity of the Spirit which exists in the Fellowship in that Nation. As a result of my meeting with the Nigerians, our FGBMFA National Directors changed the location of our 2012 National Convention to Atlanta, Georgia, to make it easier for the men in Africa, Asia and Europe to attend next year’s FGBMFA National Convention. Wole Olufon, National Director from Nigeria, told the FGBMFA Convention that he was going to make a recommendation to the Nigerian Board of Directors that they encourage their men to come to next year’s FGBMFA Atlanta Convention.

I encourage you and your Chapter to begin to plan for Atlanta in 2012.

“For CDs and DVDs of the recent FGBMFA Fifth Annual National Convention, go to www.OneInTheSpirit.tv and scroll down to the FGBMFA link on the left for pricing and ordering instructions. Directors and Chapter Presidents will soon receive a complimentary DVD package for use at Chapter events.”


Robert W. Bignold, National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America