FGBMFA Presidents Newsletter – 8-22-11


Last Friday evening Barbara and I attended a small birthday party for Don Ostrom, a former International Director of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. One of the other men of the party was Fred Doerflein, who was also an International Director in the Seattle area in the early days of the Fellowship. Both of these men were my ‘mentors’.

After dinner Don shared how he had become involved in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and the impact that it had on his life. Don, who was a graduate of the Assembly of God Bible College and his wife, Marlene, had been called by the Lord as missionaries to the Philippine Islands. Three years after starting their work in the Philippines, a tragic airplane accident took the life of Marlene’s family and Don and Marlene were forced to return to Seattle and take over the Family Nursing Home Business.

After returning to Seattle Fred Doerflein, the president of the Seattle Chapter of FGBMFI, invited Don to a Fellowship meeting. Don accepted Fred’s invitation but he was not very excited about meeting with a group of business men! He thought to himself “how can any good come out of a meeting that is not led by a pastor?” But at the Fellowship meeting, he saw men and women baptized in the Holy Spirit and healed. He couldn’t believe his eyes! He had been taught that one had to tarry in prayer, perhaps for days, before the Holy Spirit would fall on them. As he continued to attend the Fellowship meetings Don met men like John Osteen, a Baptist Minister (father of Joel Osteen), and Dennis Bennett, an Episcopal Priest who became an International Leader in the Charismatic Movement, and other anointed men like them.

Don was a part of the Fellowship’s first airlift to London, England. Soon he was a Vice President of the Fellowship, and traveling all over the world starting Chapters of the Fellowship, in Europe, Africa, and Central America. Don became a frequent companion on these trips with the founder of the Fellowship Demos Shakarian. Hearing Don share about the early days of the Fellowship last Friday night stirred my spirit… Earlier on the day of Don’s birthday party, while unpacking books from a recent move, I had run across one of the last books that Demos Shakarian had written… A book entitled “A New Wave of Revival – the Vision Intensified.”

The next day, with my spirit stirred by the words of Don’s testimony, I began to read once again Demos’ words in his book “The Vision Intensified”.


“To fully grasp the spiritual dynamics of what God is GOING TO DO in the future during this end time hour, it is first absolutely vital that you spiritually understand what God has ALREADY DONE through our Fellowship in the explosive power of His Holy Spirit… But, in your spirit, God has shown me that many have missed or have forgotten the true SPIRITUAL ROOTS of our first successes.

It was through His Holy Spirit that God released HIS POWER, in a miraculous way, to start the FGBMFI VISION in motion.

And it is ONLY through that SAME HOLY SPIRIT that God will take us POWERFULLY into the future.

Our careful planning will not change the world!

Our well-structured, world-wide organization will not save one soul!

All of our meetings, conventions, seminars, and money mean nothing….

Without the POWER of the Holy Spirit!!

We must once again become yielded, obedient, PREPARED vessels, willing to seek God in prayer and fasting, and willing to do what He wants us to do.

God has revealed to me that in this book, I must re-tell our original FGBMFI VISION. He has shown me that most men know THE FACTS of the VISION, but that few understand THE SPIRIT of those original sacred times. No matter how many times you have “heard” or read about our humble beginnings…..”

Then Demos’ goes on to tell the first time that he shared the FGBMFI concept with Oral Roberts in the fall of 1951. I will not repeat that conversation here, as you may read it in “The Happiest People on Earth” (HPOE) – pages 118-121. In the book “the Vision Intensified” Demos recounts again “the Vision” that established and released the power of the Holy Spirit in the Fellowship. You may reread that vision in HPOE -pages 131-136.

After Demos shared “the Vision” he goes on to say:
“You see, the Fellowship did not grow through MY ability. Our SPIRITUAL ROOTS, and our POWER, came only from the one source, and that is the POWER of the Holy Spirit!
Without God’s anointing and power, the Fellowship would have died…..

The Spirit seemed to say, “I DO NOT WANT A BIG CENTRALIZED ORGANIZATION. Come together on occasion as a collective group to INSPIRE and ENCOURGE each other, to light a fire bright enough for many to see.

“But for your day-in, year-out work, I want you SMALL, LOCAL, and SENSTIVE TO ME! I do not want uniformity. I will never take two men or two places in just the same way. Give Me outlets for MY INFINITE VARIETY.”…..



Let’s take our blinders off!

Even in our Fellowship today, there are still men and women who feel ALONE, AND WHO ARE STILL BOUND BY INVISIBLE SPIRITUAL CHAINS; All over our massive world- depression, suicide, and isolationism and staggering problems.

Our work is not over – it is in the future!

Our Vision is not in the past – it is in the future!

Two and one-half billion people have not even heard the name of Jesus Christ once!

We are not done.

Hear me on this; God has revealed this as clearly to me now as He did in the original Vision in 1952.


And He wants you PREPARED TO PARTICIPATE in His Plan.

…Our spiritual strength, and our spiriual revival, begins and ends with PRAYER. God is calling us back to our early spiritual roots, our early beginnings, and the core of those early spiritual roots is PRAYER.

We are not looking to the past for our accomplishments, but only to re-affirm our SPIRITUAL ROOTS.

FAST AND PRAY in your local chapters. FAST AND PRAY for God’s will in your personal life. Let the Holy Spirit quicken to your heart the next move in your area. Seek God in the middle of the night.

…Seek God for your own life. He will come in. Call upon God to release A NEW WAVE OF REVIVAL in your own life, in your own Chapter, in your own convention, in every meeting.


Wait upon His voice in your life- and when you hear it, then ACT. GO. DO.”

Demos closed the book “The Vision Intensified” with a prayer, a prayer the final words of which should become our prayer…

“Heavenly Father,

“We thank You for all that You have done- through our lives, and through the ministry of the Fellowship. But whatever has been accomplished to date….we now know it is only a glimmer, a glimpse of the future, of what is STILL to be done through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, we stand ready and willing to serve….

Lord, we ask that you use us as vessels to help fulfill Your vision…..

Lord, we give you ALL the honor and the Glory for the revelations You have shown us, and thank You, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for what You are about to do to change the face of this world, Amen.”

Let’s you and I obey the voice of our Founder, GIVE TIME TO GOD! Wait upon his voice- and when we hear it. Then act. GO. DO.

Robert W Bignold, National President,
Full Gospel Business Men in America