In last month’s Newsletter, I wrote to you concerning the proposed London Prayer Summit, and asked you and your Chapter to join with me in prayer for a new wave of revival in the Fellowship and a new out-pouring of the Gifts of the Spirit in our meetings.

As a result of my call to return to the Vision and the call that God has given to our Fellowship, I received the following letter from Larry Porricelli, who is in the process of forming an FGBMFA Chapter in Southern California.

Larry, like many of you, loves the Fellowship because it was one of our Fellowship men, Gerry Defolio, who led Larry to accept the Lord Jesus Christ in his Connecticut auto body shop, some three decades ago. Several years after accepting the Lord, Larry moved to California, where he worked in the International Headquarters Office in Costa Mesa during the final seven years of Demos’ life. The bold highlighting in Larry’s letter has been provided by me.

Dear Bob,

What wonderful news, not only for the unity of the brothers, but for the restoration of the Vision!

The Vision is pure and has its own mission, and that will be restored! Hallelujah!

The enemy moved in a way that disheartened men. And so, there was little collective excitement worldwide in the call that Demos gave to go out and reach the world as brothers together because we were divided.

When these leaders gather and seek only the Spirit as you described in quoting Demos’ book, “The Vision Intensified” and all join once again under the Banner of Love, then the Lord will call forth that anointing that is sought. How spectacular!

And as the leaders seek only the Spirit, for these leaders have seen the cost of lost souls, and are ready for restoration of the Vision in its purity.

You have sought and prayed and travailed for this unity and it is upon you. You will be uplifted in sufficient prayer for the journey.

Lead the way back.

The Spirit will be upon you. Surround yourself with good counselors.

The humility Demos wore as his garment, is the garment all these men must adorn themselves with, for that was the tool that built the Fellowship in Love, whereas pride in self became the tool of its undoing.

Your mission is in our prayers from this day. We have men meeting weekly, as will men from around the country and the world, and that will be the focus of our prayer. The Lord has brought five good men together for our chapter to begin here, and the anointing that comes from the national president being inspired by the Spirit is a blanket that will fall on the men and chapters each seeking to fulfill the Vision.

Blessings to you in perhaps one of the greatest adventures ever to be written about. There are souls suffering throughout the world and the Lord has given us as men a Vision to reach them in these horrible times.

Your journey, and the value of all the men in the Fellowship to pray for it, will be seen when that time is revealed by the Lord, for each prayer breaks down a barrier, each prayer rips out a wall built by the enemy, each prayer provides a safe harbor for the leaders, each prayer is heard with joy in Heaven, for men in unity are pleasing to God, and that joy of the Lord will be sent from Heaven as the Spirit to bless you and anoint you.

It will be an anointing that will be so great that it will be transferred to men around the world, and they will shout and sing and rejoice, for together is fellowship. And once again we will have a Fellowship, not countries, and it will be greater than before because the anointing is here and will be upon us for your faithfulness.

Your blessing is to take this not as a burden, but as wonderful and joyous moment, to be excited, for you see the Spirit blessing the Fellowship with signs and wonders, and all men being drawn unto Him.

Yes, there will be travails, but He has overcome, and through them we have seen what was really valuable, the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. It breaks every yoke.

Your footsteps will be anointed, as will your words. Go and expect miracles. Once again, we will be Fishers of Men. It will be as you have shown, in Demos’ book when the Holy Spirit fell on Mary! And in blessing the hearts of the men, the Vision is as the shining star that showed where Christ was to the Wise Men.

Hallelujah! How wonderful.

Larry Porricelli

Demos wrote seven booklets in the final seven years of his life, in which he poured out the Heart of God concerning the Vision God has given the Fellowship. In one of his books, published one year before his death, entitled, “Come Let Us Exalt Him”, Demos related,

“As I entered into my own time of intense Praise and Worship, the Spirit of God came upon me in a special way and said, ‘If the men will exalt Me, if they will fix their eyes upon Me, I will pour out My Spirit upon them unlike anything they have ever experienced before. But remember, this mighty outpouring of My Holy Spirit is spiritually liked to the exalting of My son, Jesus.’

As a direct result of the sacred experience that night, as a direct result of that simple but spiritually significant revelation, I have felt compelled to write Come Let Us Exalt Him so that you could know the full measure of what God intends for you in this endtime hour.

Men, God is calling those of us in our Fellowship to lift up our heads towards the heavens, to see Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father, and to exalt Him with all of our hearts, no matter how angry the enemy gets, no matter how strongly the devil tries to stop our intensified praise and worship!

God is calling for men who are pure in their hearts and minds, men who are forgiving toward their enemies, men who are willing to be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ (for only the blood of Jesus can make us pure and holy).

God is calling us to repent of ALL our sins, to accept the reality of the blood of Jesus Christ, to receive the total complete cleansing He offers through the power of the blood, the blood of the lamb of God.”

Demos wrote those words in early Summer of 1992, just a year later, one month after the Boston Convention, Demos went to be with the Lord and the Fellowship began its slow but decisive twenty-year slide into strife and division.

That is why I am thrilled that God has orchestrating the London Leadership Prayer Summit, in which He is calling all Fellowship men of goodwill, with pure hearts, to repent of the bitterness and strife that has separated us over the years, to forgive those we have considered enemies and once again move forward to fulfill the Vision of reaching the World for Jesus Christ. Men, this is a big challenge, it requires us to humble ourselves before the Lord and our fellow man, and to reunite under the Banner of His Love. It requires us to look to Jesus- the

Author and Finisher
of our Faith.

I am asking every member of our Fellowship in America

to set aside a time each day to pray in the Spirit (in Tongues)
for a fulfillment of the Vision that God has given to our Fellowship. This is something we can all participate in, when you wake up in the morning, when you are driving to work, when you are alone at home, and when you are falling asleep at night. Just pray, “Holy Spirit, take ahold with me and pray through me Your Perfect Will for our Worldwide Fellowship, pray through me that Your Perfect Will for this Fellowship to be accomplished”. Then launch out in prayer in the Spirit and let the Holy Spirit have your tongue. Men, we need the Holy Spirit to accomplish His Perfect Will in our lives and in our Fellowship.

God is in the process of bringing our Fellowship into a new wave of unity, and with that unity will come a New Wave of Revival.


Robert W. Bignold, National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America