Flowing Together in Ministry

God gave Demos Shakarian “the Vision” that launched this Fellowship nearing sixty years ago. The Vision God gave to Demos was to reach men, but for every man whose life has been transformed as a result of this Fellowship, his wife and family have been transformed as well.

God’s purpose for your marriage is a partnership between you and your husband, and when your husband became a member of this Fellowship you become a Partner of the Fellowship with him.

Therefore, I want to welcome you to the “Partners of the Fellowship”.

When your husband joined the Fellowship we sent him a membership pin to identify him as a member of the Fellowship, and we also sent you a “Partners of the Fellowship” pin to identify you as a member of the “Partners of the Fellowship.”

Let me welcome you again to the Fellowship. My prayer is that your support of your husband in the work of this Fellowship will bring the blessing of the Lord upon your home and your family.

Rose Shakarian, Demos’ wife, set a wonderful example for us ladies of what a “Partner of the Fellowship” should be. Rose was an active “helpmate” to Demos, she accompanied him to many Fellowship meetings, she planned and conducted the women’s activities at the National and International Conventions, she gave financially to the work of the Fellowship, and she often did the little things that needed to be done that made the Fellowship successful.

Your husband needs your encouragement.

Members of FGBMFA are encouraged to invite their wives to join them in the work of the Fellowship. As a wife you need to realize that God has called both you and your husband into this ministry.

Very important information for wives:

As wives, our attitude must be one of respect to our husbands who are members, leaders, or officers of this Fellowship. You are called as a “helper” to assist your husband, but you will also be under authority. Never assume any authority without clear direction from your Fellowship leaders. A cooperative attitude will spare hurt feelings and misunderstandings. When husbands & wives work together in harmony for a common goal, it provides a foundation that will make for a successful marriage and a successful chapter.

Instructions for wives of FGBMFA members

“You have not chosen Me but I have chosen you and ordained you that you might go forth and bear much fruit.” (John 15:16)
As a Partner of the Fellowship, you have been chosen for a special ministry and calling. You have been called by God to be a “help-mate” for your husband. That makes you very important to the success of your local Full Gospel Business Men’s Chapter.

If you are a growing Christian, as we all should be, FGBMFA provides a perfect place for you and your husband to discover and release the Holy Spirit’s gifts and callings in your lives. Among loving Christian friends in your chapter, you can learn how personal testimonies can change lives. Healing, prophecy, encouragement and helps are just some of the ministry opportunities open to you and your husband.

The Bible says that husbands and wives are to become one! God created marriage to be a living example of our relationship with Him. It is meant to be one of the most beautiful experiences we can have on earth. FGBMFA wants to help strengthen your marriage and make it the beautiful creation that God wants it to be.

The Bible also says that one can put a thousand to flight; two can put ten thousand to flight. As a wife, you add a dimension to his ministry that is unattainable to him alone. Just as your life complements his in marriage, God’s gifts in you complement your husband’s gifts in ministry. FGBMFA can help you both discover and release that special ministry that God has entrusted only to you as a married couple.

Your chapter is the perfect place to discover how this partnership with your husband in ministry works. God can use the story of His influence in your lives to heal the broken marriage and mend shattered lives for others. Ministering with your husband, you can see the sick healed, the tormented delivered and new lives birthed into the Kingdom of God.

Tips for you and your husband to be an effective ministry team


  • Truly love your wife as Christ loves the church
  • If you feel she needs to change something in her life – be slow to speak, and fast to pray about it, and look to the Holy Spirit, not you, to change her. Changes must be an “inside job.”
  • Take her by the hand and pray together until you get God’s view on the issue – praying together is a marriage builder and there is so muchpower in the prayer of “agreement!”
  • Regularly tell her how much you value her and all her efforts
  • Encourage the gifts of God that you see flowing through your wife
  • Settle all differences between each other before going to a meeting or other ministry activity
  • Make the Word of God a priority in your life
  • Remember – you are teaching your wife and family by your lifestyle, not just by what you say. Will they want to follow you if LOVE is not the motivating factor in your life?


  •  Always show respect to your husband and the office to which God has called him
  • Daily encourage your husband in the work/calling of God – watch your words and attitude – as I have said to your husband above, changes must be “an inside job” orchestrated by the Holy Spirit
  • Practice listening with your heart and spirit – then use words that will build up and encourage him
  • Prepare yourself to minister with your husband and be willing to go with him when he asks you to. The Holy Spirit will flow through both of you with His gifts – be ready!
  • Make phone calls when needed to encourage attendance, or check on missing members who may be having personal problems, or just to minister love as the Holy Spirit leads you
  • Offer to assist the leadership with table decorations to create an atmosphere of hospitality and your efforts will give those who attend the meeting a very special welcome
  • Be prepared to minister with your husband when women come forward for prayer needs at the close of the meeting
  • Keep your heart open to identify needs in those who attend the meeting and ask if you can help. Many times a wife will see things her husband needs to know – like someone in the meeting really hurting

May God bless you and your husband as you work together to fulfill the Vision God has given this Fellowship!

Barbara Bignold
Wife of the National President & a Partner with him in The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America

[In the next article we will talk about how single women have great valued in this Fellowship as well as the things we as Partners of the Fellowship can do to support this Vision.]

Representatives are being assigned to cover different areas of the nation.
Southeast – Betty Priddy & Prayer Helper

South Central – Carol Riebold

South West –

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