Healed of Epilepsy in Craighaven, NORTHERN IRELAND

In October of 1984 Barbara and I were speaking in a Full Gospel Business Men’s Chapters in Northern, Ireland.  The late seventies and early eighties were a tumultuous time in Northern Ireland.  The Irish Republican Army (which was predominately catholic) was at war with the British Government (which was predominately protestant) and Northern Ireland was in political turmoil.  The hotel in which Barbara and I stayed, had been bombed by the IRA on seventeen different occasions.

We had spent Sunday night in a Roman Catholic prayer meeting in Londonderry, and on Monday we drove north to a predominately protestant FGBMFI meeting in Ballymena.  On Tuesday evening, George Allan the president of the Craigavon FGBMFI Chapter, who owned the local Mercedes Benz dealership, drove Barbara and me to the FGBMFI meeting.  We arrived early so I began to move around the room speaking with the guests as they entered the meeting room.  As I did so, I realized that about thirty to forty percent of the people attending were Roman Catholic.  I sensed a genuine love among the members of the Craigavon Chapter.  As we were eating dinner I turned to Barbara and said, “We are going to see miracles tonight.”  I said that, because I could sense the love of God flowing among this mixed group of Roman Catholic and Protestant people.

There were a number of people born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit early in the meeting, and nearly everyone who came forward for prayer was healed. But I want to share with you in more detail, the story of a woman who had come forward to be healed of epilepsy. I laid my hands on the woman’s head and commanded the spirit of epilepsy to come out of her.  She fell to the floor under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and I moved on to pray for the next person in line.  About fifteen or twenty minutes later Barbara came up to me as I was praying for the others and said “Bob, the woman who you prayed for epilepsy is in the women’s restroom throwing up”.  I said, “Good.  God is delivering her,” and I went on praying for the rest of the people who had come forward for prayer.

When we finished ministering to those who had come forward for prayer it was nearly midnight.  George Allan the Chapter president introduced Barbara and I to the woman that I had cast the spirit of epilepsy out of, and told us that because she lived near our hotel that she would drive us back to our room.  Barbara got me off to one side and said, “Bob, the devil is trying to kill us,” Barbara was concerned about riding with the woman she had seen vomiting in the hotels restroom earlier in the evening.   I told Barbara, “don’t worry, that woman was delivered.”

I was actually glad that we were going to have an opportunity to be alone with this woman because I had some questions I wanted to ask her.  I had read previously in one of Kenneth Hagen’s books, that the spirit of epilepsy will often use a traumatic or fearful incident to gain entrance into a person’s mind.  I saw that our time with this lady would allow me to question her concerning how that epileptic spirit got into her in the first place.  I told this lady that the devil often uses traumatic events in our lives to gain entrance into our mind, and I asked her “when did you have the first epileptic attack? But I wasn’t quite prepared, for this lady’s answer.

She seemed somewhat startled by my question. But when I said to her “the devil often uses a traumatic event in our life to gain entrance into our mind”, it was like a light had come on inside her.  She said, “Oh my! So that’s what happened.  Six years ago members of the Irish Republican Army, came into our Elam Pentecostal Church and began to shoot people.”  I believe she said that they killed sixteen people in her church.  She said “I was lying on the floor of our church between the pews, with my hands over my ears”. She was as you might imagine, full of fear, and that fear allowed the spirit of epilepsy to enter into her mind.  Soon after this traumatic experience she began to experience the epileptic seizures. That spirit had held this lady in bondage for nearly six years.

But that night in Craigavon this lady was set free, and I was able to personally confirm that fearful traumatic events like the shootings in the Elam Pentecostal Church can indeed result in the spirit of epilepsy entering into a person’s mind.

War Stories Blog, Continued

In our War Story No 6 Blog, I want to familiarize you with the origin of the devil and his demon spirits, how the devil got on the earth, and what you are to do about the devil. You may want to refer to the War Story No 3 Blog to review three different levels in which the devil may attack mankind. (Depression, Oppression and Possession)

In future War Stories we will enlarge your understanding of the devil and the authority that God has given to you the believer, to deal with the him and his demons.

Let’s start our War Stories No 6 blog discussion with Genesis Chapter 1.  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. (Genesis Chapter 1, verses 1 and 2).

Many Biblical scholars believe that millions of years elapsed between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. These scholars believe that the evil spirits that are here on the earth now, were once a part of a pre-Adamic kingdom that was ruled over by Lucifer (the devil) and because of sin that pre-Adamic kingdom was destroyed by God thousands of years ago.

We know from the Bible that mankind has inhabited the earth in this present age for approximately six thousand years. The existence of a pre-Adamic kingdom would explain archeological evidence of dinosaurs, mastodons and other pre-historic animals which no longer exist on earth. These pre-historic discoveries are dated by science as being hundreds of millions of years old.

When God created man He told him to replenish the earth.  “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it…” Genesis 2:28 Now you can’t replenish something unless it was originally plenished.

In the scriptures below the Bible hints of a physical Kingdom on earth that is dominated by a spiritual kingdom.

Ezekiel Chapter 28 and Isaiah 14 give us a brief overview of the existence of and the fall of Satan in the beginning of time.  The devil and his demons are spirits without bodies that dwell on the earth. These evil spirits want to inhabit men so that they can express themselves in the physical world.  Therefore, the devil is constantly trying to control men so that he can control the course of events on the earth.

Ezekiel 28:1-10 The Spirit of God tells the Prophet Ezekiel to speak to the prince of Tyrus and proclaim judgment upon him, “…because your heart is lifted up, And you say, “I am a god, I sit in the seat of gods, in the midst of the seas, yet you are a man, and not a god…”  Ezekiel says in verse 2 that the prince of Tyrus is a man and not a god.

Ezekiel 28:11-19 speaks a second prophetic word but this time to the King of Tyrus, this is not the prince of Tyrus whom God identified earlier as a man. The king of Tyrus is the demonic power behind the kingdom of Tyrus. The prophet says to the King of Tyrus  “You were in Eden, the garden of God, (verse 13) You were on the holy mountain of God; (verse 14) you were perfect in your ways until the day iniquity was found in you, (verse 15) in these three verses God is talking about the king of Tyrus (Lucifer). The prince of Tyrus a man, is dominated by the king of Tyrus (a spirit being), named Lucifer (the devil).

Isaiah 14:12-15 In these verses the prophet Isaiah addresses Lucifer directly. “How you have fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! (Verse 12)  For you have said in your heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; (Verse 13) I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.” (Verse 14) Satan was once an angel named Lucifer, who became full of pride and rebelled against God. Gods proclamation to Satan in the next several verses is (1) you will be brought down Hell, (2) I will make a spectacle of you, (3) you will be mocked and scorned, 4. You will be cast out of your grave 5. You will be alone.   

Many Christians think that when they accept Jesus that the Holy Spirit will come into them, take over their life, and make them do whatever needs to be done in their life, but He won’t.  Demons will do that, they will make people do things that they don’t want to do.  Demons drive, force, and control people.  The Holy Spirit on the other hand leads, guides, prompts, and urges people.  If you are being driven to do something it is not the Holy Spirit!

In War Story No. 6, entitled “Delivered of Epilepsy in Northern Ireland” I share the story of a Christian lady in Craigavon Northern Ireland, who had a spirit of epilepsy that caused her to fall on the ground and convulse. (Jesus dealt with a     spirit of epilepsy in Mark chapter 9, verse 20). It was a traumatic event that occurred when this lady’s Elam Pentecostal Church was invaded by a group of the “Sean Penn terrorist” that opened the door for the spirit of fear to enter her mind and allowed the spirit of epilepsy to enter her body.  When the terrorist began shooting those who were attending the evening worship service (they killed sixteen church people and wounded others) the trauma of that experience allowed a demon spirit of fear, which the doctors called epilepsy to enter her mind and hold her in bondage.  From time to time conditions in her life would cause that spirit of epilepsy to manifest in her life. It held her in bondage for six years, but under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I was able to cast that demon spirit of epilepsy out of her, and she became normal again.

In Jesus’ Name,

Bob Bignold
National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America