My First Miracle


War Stories for the Joshua Generation shares with you some of my experiences on the climb up my spiritual mountain. It is a climb that has gotten steep and lonely at times, but it is a climb that has been worth the trip. It is a climb that I hope you men of the Joshua Generation will join with me in taking. The higher you get on your spiritual mountain the more you will affect your generation.

The height that you reach on your mountain is not up to me, and it is not up to God, it is up to you! The call up the mountain comes from a still, small voice from within you; it is a voice that is easily muffled by the noise and excitement of our everyday lives. If you will answer the call, and learn to follow the still small voice of the Spirit of God within you, you will become “One of the Happiest People on Earth.”



In March of 1976, just five months after attending our first FGBMFI meeting, my wife Barbara and I drove to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to attend our first Regional FGBMFI Convention.

On the last day of the Convention Barbara and I attended an afternoon teaching session on divine healing taught by a man by the name off Joe Poppel.  After teaching the group for thirty minutes, Joe suddenly stopped and announced “If there is anyone in the room who has a clinically short leg, come up here and God will heal you!” For a number of years I had been suffering from chronic back pain. The Doctors had determined that my left leg was about 5/8”shorter than my right leg.

I jumped up from where I was seated and ran to the front of the room, and up the steps leading onto the stage.  But by the time I arrived where Joe Poppel was standing, another man had gotten in front of me.  That man had a 3” lift built into the sole of his right shoe.   Joe Poppel set the man down in a chair and lifted the man’s legs, so that those in the audience could see the 3” lift. Then in a quiet voice Joe prayed “Jesus please lengthen this man’s right leg and heal him.” I watched the man’s leg grow out three inches right before my eyes.


Finally it was my turn for prayer. Joe Poppel set me down in the chair, lifted my legs so the audience could observe my short leg, then in a quiet voice Joe prayed the same simple prayer, “Jesus please lengthen this man’s left leg and heal him.” I watched as my left leg lengthened I felt the pain leave my lower back.

After I returned from the Canadian Convention I witnessed to anyone who would listen. I would tell them how I got born again, how I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, and how God lengthen my left leg.

At one of the Seattle Chapter Meetings several months after Joe Poppel had prayed for the healing of my back, an usher by the name of Gene Williams asked me to give my testimony in the King County Jail meeting he was conducting the following  day.  I agreed to do so, and the next morning I spoke in Gene’s Jail Meeting.  After I spoke, I asked if anyone wanted to receive Christ as their Savior. Two prisoners responded and I prayed with them to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

When we were getting ready to leave the jail meeting a young black man who had just received Jesus as his savior Jesus asked me, “What did you just say about your leg a minute ago?”  I explained to him again how my left leg, which was 5/8” shorter than the right leg, grew to the same length as the right leg and I was healed.  He said, “Wow! I wish that Joe guy were here”.  One of my legs is 1-1/2” shorter than the other and my back is in pain constantly!” Gene Williams said to the young man “Well we are going to fix that leg right now!  Bring that straight backed chair over here and set in it.”  The young black man jumped up and said, “Wow, does it work every time?” then he sat down in the chair and sure enough, his left leg was 1-1/2 inches or so shorter than his right.  Then Gene Williams said,“Bob come here and pray for this man.”  Suddenly my mind shifted into high gear, I desperately wanted to find a way out of that jail room, but I was trapped I had to pray for the man.

I had been meditating on the word of God every day; I had been reading the Bible, and other spiritual books on divine healing, ever since the day I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. After I got over the initial shock I got ahold of myself.  I picked up the young man’s legs like Joe Poppel had done to me, and prayed a lengthy prayer but nothing happened.

“One of the convicts got down on his knees with his elbows on the jail house bench and prayed, “Please God, let it grow out, don’t disappoint him.  Show these men you are real!” While this was happeningI was still holding onto the man’s legs so I boldly commanded that leg to lengthen and the leg literally shot out one and a half inches. Gene Williams said “it is done,” and the young man jumped up and down shouting, “God healed me! God healed me!.  Then the jail guard took the young man the other prisoners back to their cell block, to presumably to tell the other Prisoners what God had done for him in the Sunday FGBMFI jail meeting. As for me I could hardly wait to tell Barbara what happened in the Jail.

The scripture’s says “This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee.” (John 4:11) Well Sunday July 24th 1977 was the beginning of signs that Jesus did in Bob Bignold’s life.  And God wants each of you Joshua Generation Men to be so filled with His word and His Spirit so that He can work signs in your life.

In the next “War Story For The Joshua Generation” I will share with you how I encountered and dealt with the first demon spirit that manifested in my presence.


In Jesus’ Name,
Robert W Bignold
National President FGBMFA