The 2010 National Convention in Portland, Oregon

This year’s 2010 National Convention was wonderful. Many new faces as well as some wonderful old friends joined us. Its focus was on The Joshua Generation, which will secure the legacy of our Fellowship for generations to come. It also launched the Partners of the Fellowship, a ministry for our ladies. Each session was charged with the Spirit of God.

We were thrilled with the testimony of John Tolo, a young man from Minneapolis Minnesota; we were inspired by the testimony of Bernie Burreson, an electronic research scientist, who God has given many creative inventions; and we were healed through the ministry of a nineteen year old Evangelist by the name of Joshua Alvarez. Many individuals received a prophetic word from the Lord, through the ministry of Debra Evans; and Christopher Burge’s testimony on Saturday morning let us see the heart of the Joshua Generation.

Over the course of the next several months we will be recapping certain highlights of the convention so you can grasp the depth of all that God said to us. I am praying the ministry we received, at this years convention, will continue to grow deep in our spirits as we meditate upon all that was said and done.

Our “Vision”

As the Sprit of God spoke during this year’s convention, we were reminded through the prophetic word that “our past is not our future”. Yes, the Fellowship has a wonderful history, which we will continue to honor, but God has called us to come up higher, he has professed a glorious future for us, as we reach out in the marketplace and touch the Joshua Generation.

God gave Demos a “vision” many years ago. There is no doubt that God spoke that “vision” and that it is still the guiding light of our Fellowship today. After so many decades, one would think that it was outdated, or somehow diminished by time. Nothing could be further from the truth. The “vision” is alive and well. We are still igniting the fire that will reach men from every corner of the earth, with the power of God’s Holy Spirit. One day each member of the Fellowship will give an account of what we did with the “vision” God gave to us through Demos. As for me, I intend to give a good report of what I did with the “vision”, I ask that you to also take the charge seriously.

What We Need to Do

The Joshua Generation is our focus for new growth, so I hope you will begin to pray with me about new and innovative ways to meet their needs and draw them to Lord through the Fellowship. I hope to have a strong constituency of that Generation at next year’s convention. We are working to create an outreach event for this generation- a mentoring and training event. The mentoring portion will be for the Joshua Generation and will seek ways that we can reach these young men and bring to them the wisdom which God has instilled in us over the years.

We will be focusing on how the Joshua chapters can be created to reach their generation. Additionally, training sessions will show us how we can blend our chapters to accommodate those in the Joshua Generation. I am truly excited about this coming year and the efforts we will all make to build and grow the Fellowship, under the “Banner of His Love”.

Chapter Growth and Regional Meetings

We are committed to help the Fellowship grow this year. God has increased our territory and now the responsibility is on the leadership to manage that growth with integrity. We are praying about some regional meetings to bring the National office and your area together. These will be precursors to the national convention, and will help us move The Joshua Generation forward.

If you would like someone from the National office to come and encourage your men and local chapters, then let us know so we can schedule a time.

Partners of the Fellowship

As many of you already know, we have a growing number of ladies who are associated with the Fellowship. Many have been involved for years and are anxious to continue their involvement as we grow. FGBMFA (a national men’s ministry), is launching “Partners of the Fellowship”, a women’s ministry to accommodate this growing need.

The ladies will have a special pin designed for their members which will consist of wives of current and future members, widows of past and present members, as well as a special consideration for women who would like to be part of this ministry who have no partner or husband associated with the Fellowship. Barbara, my wonderful wife, has teamed up with Debra Evans to launch this ministry. We saw a taste of their collaboration at this year’s convention. I can only say that the Glory of God shown through as they moved in chorus with the Power of God.

I know you will join me in support of this new department as the ladies of the Fellowship move out and establish new ground for the kingdom of God.

This Year’s Action Plan

As we establish the new programs, to reach the Joshua Generation, adjust the focus back to the men of the Fellowship, gear up for next years convention, create regional meetings, coordinate with the already growing number of events already in place, and launch the women’s ministry, we are keenly aware of all that needs to be done. Our hope will be to begin to focus our efforts in a manner, which will bring a greater unity to the “vision”. Please let us know of any events you are planning, so we can get the word out through our national web site.

We want to promote all that God is doing through and with FGBMFA. We will also begin to access the social media’s such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and My Space. These are just a few of the tools we can utilize to reach the Joshua Generation. We are starting with Facebook at: The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship In America and Partners of the Fellowship.

If you are already a member of Facebook, then please join us online and join the posted discussions. You will find daily information and update via Facebook, as well as valuable insight for your life, business, and family.

2011 Convention in Dallas Fort Worth

It has been decided that our next convention would be in Dallas/ Fort Worth. We are thrilled to welcome back Roy Brian, who will be directing the convention next year. Roy and his team are already busy making the final arrangements and we will have a continuous flow of information streaming on the Internet and through email ASAP. The national office, board, and I, are already anticipating our largest and most exciting convention and hope that you will make early plans to attend.


There is no greater command in Gods’ Word than that we are to love one another. I want you to know that it is out of love for you that we continue in the cause of Christ on behalf of FGBMFA. Some have asked about my recent health challenge, so let me say that I am ready to answer the call that God has placed on my life. Through God’s Grace, and by His Mercy, I am here and ready to complete the task He has called each of us to finish. Our race will not be over until we see Him face to face.

You can trust that my days are filled with prayer, consistent consideration for your needs, and the work of FGBMFA. I have some new friends that are working with me to lift some of the daily load and my hope is that together we will lift the flame of God’s Holy Spirit, through the ministry of FGBMFA.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

Bob Bignold, President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America