Rembering Julius Templeton – National Director FGBMFA

This is Barbara Bignold: I just wanted to say a few words about Julius Templeton, one of our FGBMFA National Directors and a dearly beloved servant of the Lord!

julius-templetonFree from Sickness and Pain!

Safe in the arms of Jesus!

Julius Paul Templeton

May 19, 1944-January 23, 2012


On Saturday, February 9, 2013, Andrew Kaminski, my husband Bob, and I attended the ‘going home’ celebration for Julius. Although we have known Julius for many years, we found out many new things about him at the Memorial Service. Ann, his dear wife, had asked Bob and Andrew (who was a close friend of Julius) to say a few words at the Service. It was all I could do to remain silent in my seat, as they told stories of Julius’ life from their perspective. Andrew shared how he first met Julius in the back seat of Ron Weinbender’s car on the way to a Men’s Advance in Southern California.  Julius mentioned that he had an estranged sister who lived near the meeting location.  Andrew convinced Julius to call his sister when we stopped for gas and attempt to reconcile with her.  Julius did so, and his sister drove to the Men’s Advance where she and Julius were reconciled. Bob shared how Julius was so intimidated by public speaking that when he had first asked Julius to give a short testimony at a Men’s Advance near their home in Washington State that Julius hid until the meeting was over.

What a change has taken place in Julius over the years. As I heard Bob and Andrew speak about Julius, there were so many things in my heart that I wanted to also say about this servant of the Lord.  I thought to myself, “Why do we always wait until someone dies to tell them what a blessing they have been in our lives, why couldn’t we have told him these things while he was with us.

Julius was a man small in stature, but his relationship with God helped him to become a “giant” in the kingdom of God.  God gave him a joyful spirit, he was dedicated, generous, and successful, but most of all – he had a hunger for God’s presence to be known by everyone he met.  It is such a joy to see how the Fellowship had shaped his life, allowed him to grow, and become trained to go to the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The Fellowship gave Julius a platform as a businessman to share the Good News with other men.  Not just locally, but throughout the whole world; places like China, Mongolia, Japan, Romania, Russia and to the ends of the earth. We saw him change over the years from a man who was fearful to speak before others, to a bold preacher for Christ.  Julius was truly a blessing to all with whom he came in contact.

The Memorial Service was a beautiful testimony of how he and Ann had placed God first in their lives and their family.  My head literally spun as I heard the grandchildren tell how he had taken the whole family on extended trips to Disneyland (eleven times) in which they developed wonderful family memories. Julius was a man who truly knew how to balance his work and his God given responsibly as a husband, father and grandfather! Hearing the grandchildren speak at his service revealed that he would tell each of the grandchildren privately they were ‘his favorite’ – how the kids loved that!  NO greater tribute could be given to a godly man than was given to Julius by his family!


We will all miss him; now it is the family’s time, to be there for Ann, as she walks with Jesus into a new transition in her life and calling.  May God bless Ann and the family!!

Barbara Bignold