Chris Burge, the Vice President of the FGBMFA Joshua Generation has just returned from a visit to the UK and Ireland where he spoke and ministered in the UK and Irish Conventions.  If you read Chris’s report of that trip, you will begin to discover the unique opportunity to minster that such a trip provides.  It is an experience all of you Joshua men should aspire to participate in.

Nearly all of the War Stories, or at least the majority of the War Stories presented in the War Story series occurred while traveling in other nations.

As Chris described his experiences in Ireland, it reminded me of an experience that Barbara and I experienced in Ireland nearly thirty years earlier.

It is a custom in Ireland and other UK countries to break their workday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon for ‘tea time’.  In Ireland this means many people go the local Pub for a glass of wine or a beer.  Being new to Ireland, Barbara and I were unaware of the custom.  When we returned to our hotel after a walk in the chilly afternoon air, we stopped in the hotel lobby for a warm cup of coffee.  As we entered the lobby of the hotel we found all the tables except one, filled with business people partaking of the afternoon tea break.  One table near the elevators was occupied by a single, middle aged man named Sean.  I asked Sean if we might sit at this table to have a cup of coffee with him, as he warmly replied that he would welcome our company.

During the course of the conversation, we learned that Sean had once studied to be a Roman Catholic Priest, though at this time he was a bus driver for a tour bus company.  He told us that several months prior to our visit the company for which he worked had been facing some financial difficulties.  Rather recently his tour bus company had been hired by a group of spirit filled charismatic Catholics from America.  Upon departing from his bus, the leader of the group had asked Sean if there was anything he would like them to pray about.  Sean explained the problem his company was having in getting a loan to the leader of the tour group, and they prayed for God to cause his company to receive the loan.  That same day the company received the loan.

Sean asked Barbara and I, “do you believe that was God?”  He seemed to have been pondering that question in his mind.  Barbara and I assured Sean that God had answered his prayer and that our God is a God of miracles.  That opened an hour and a half conversation with Sean.  During that time, we led Sean in a prayer to accept Christ.  I told Sean that God is our heavenly Father and he wants to meet our every need.  I told him that God had another gift for him, that He wanted him to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Sean said, “Just a moment” and left the table, went up to the bar and ordered another beer.  When Sean returned to the table, he set the beer down and said, “OK, go ahead. What were you saying about the baptism in the Holy Spirit?”

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