Spiritual Awakening in America?

Doug Raine, our National Director in charge of FGBMFA outreach to America, has been working with the St. Paul, Minnesota Chapter President, John Tolo, on a series of outreaches to develop new chapters of FGMBFA in the state of Minnesota.


mississippi-postWhile praying with John Tolo in Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, in March of 2010 Doug Raine received a vision. In the vision “Three hundred men were kneeling on one knee on the west bank of the Mississippi River lapping water with their left hand while they looked straight ahead, (like Gideon’s 300 faithful men who lapped the water by putting their hand to their mouth) (Judges 7:6). Then Doug saw a fire starting at the “northern-most” part of the Mississippi River and spreading south to the city of St. Louis and then branching off and going west to the Pacific Ocean and East to the Atlantic Ocean while continuing south to the Gulf of Mexico. The fire appeared to be a cleansing by the Holy Spirit of the United States of America.


On February 1st, 2012, Doug Raine, John Tolo, the FGBMFA Chapter in St. Paul, MN and Sixty five young adults from Koinonia Ministries traveled to Bemidji Minnesota, near the headwaters of the Mississippi River, where they began a five day outreach and began to act out the above vision. As it happened there was still a remnant from an old Full Gospel Chapter in Bemidji. Therefore, the outreach team held a breakfast meeting at the Electric Company Restaurant with FGB and Aglow International Chapters, 120 people attended the Breakfast.  


As a result of the February outreach Douglas Raine and John Tolo received an invitation, from the Leech Lake Band of the Ojibwe Reservation, to return with a fire team for a second outreach on April 17-21. You can go to the fgbt.org website for further details on the February outreach.


If you are interested in being a part of the April Fire team contact Douglas Raine at douglas@fgbt.org



God seems to be calling our nation back to Him. Spiritual issues have taken the spot-light, even in the recent Republican Presidential Primaries. One candidate has even been criticized by the press for using the Word of God, and for identifying Satan as the cause of much of America’s social problems. 


A word from the Lord, concerning a Spiritual Awakening in America?


At the conclusion of 2011 Rick Joiner, a National Prophetic Voice in America, proclaimed, “We are entering the times that the prophets desired to see, and we have been chosen to live in them.”


In 1987, I was given a two-and-a-half day experience in which I was shown an unfolding panorama of world events that I wrote about in my book The Harvest. Many of these events started coming to pass within a couple of years of the vision, and the greatest of all that I was shown will soon be coming upon us.

The greatest of all of these events was a harvest of believers into the kingdom that would come in two waves. The first wave … swept more people into the kingdom than any previous move of God in history. This next wave will not miss North America or Europe…the greatest move of God to ever come upon the earth is approaching. It will be a spiritual tsunami and we must get ready.

As this great ingathering begins to sweep the earth, it will be largely the result of – and accompanied by – the judgments of God. As we have covered, we almost always think of the judgments of God as condemnation or destruction, but this is rarely the case. The judgments of God are discipline from the Lord for those whom He loves.

Outtake from The Judgements of God, part 15 




Several weeks ago Bruce Allen, a prophetic evangelist, who ministers in America, Asia, and Europe received the following Vision. (Of interest to you FGB men is that Bruce’s father, Ed Allen, was the President of the 600 member Greater Seattle Chapter in the Mid-1980’s.) Bruce was recently a Speaker in the 2011 FGB European Convention last year.


On January 28, 2012 some three weeks ago Bruce Allan received the following vision while worshipping the Lord:

In the vision I saw large bowl, filled to the brim, with what looked like jesus-drink
water with a golden glow about it. Two large hands were holding the bowl. The hands were wet and water was dripping off the hands.


When I looked down to see where these drops of water were falling, I saw the earth beneath this bowl; it was about the size of a basketball in comparison to the bowl and the hands.


As each drop of water touched the earth, I saw every past move and revival of the Lord throughout history. Each drop released the Glory of God and produced a great move of God when it touched the earth.


As I watched I saw the hands of the Lord begin to tilt the bowl and a stream of water began to wash over the earth. The Lord spoke and said that NOW the Glory of the Lord is going to flow over and cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.




Three years ago my wife Barbara and I attended a Joshua Chapter Meeting near our home in Seattle, Washington. A young man by the name of Joshua Alvarez was speaking. Near the end of the meeting the speaker turned to Barbara and me and said, “When I first came into this meeting the Lord told me to tell you… to strengthen the foundation, for I have given you the keys of David, and the GLORY of this latter house shall be greater than the former – the best is yet to come!


At the time I sensed that this was a word for the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America.


Then five months later, during the 2009 National Convention in Portland Oregon, the same prophetic speaker said, “Several months ago while speaking in a meeting, I suddenly saw four large angels, one angel posted in each corner of the room, and a cloud of glory was moving in from the back of the room … tonight I see the same four angels, one posted in each corner of the room, and I see the same cloud of glory moving in from the back of this room.” Then the speaker suddenly spun around toward the head table and boldly proclaimed: “This organization will be the catalyst to the greatest move of God to ever be poured out upon this nation.




A little over one month ago, for the first time in over two decades the love of God fell on our Fellowship once again in the FGB-BMF Global London Prayer Summit (January 13-15th 2012). FGBMFA along with the nations of Nigeria, Canada, and the UK were in the fore-front of that move of the Spirit. God did something truly amazing in London: He brought together over one-hundred National Officers from twenty-one nations to repent, pray, and ask each other for forgiveness, and the glory of God fell on the meeting. I haven’t seen anything like that in the Fellowship for twenty-five years. In that Meeting we re-hung “His Banner Over Us Is Love”


In the latter part of the 1980’s Demos Shakarian wrote a small book entitled A NEW WAVE OF REVIVAL- The Vision Intensified. Demos’ purpose was to refocus the men of the Fellowship on the Vision of Reaching Men for the Kingdom of God. At the Global Prayer Summit in London, Azike Diribe, International Director Nigeria, refocused our attention on that that Vision.


Because we believe these prophetic messages we continue to press toward the fulfillment ofThe Vision” that God gave to Demos. I believe that the Lord has given us these prophesies and visions mentioned earlier in this newsletter to encourage us, so that we will continue to fast and pray for the fulfillment of the Vision.  


Men will you join with me between now and our National Convention in Atlanta Georgia in Fasting and Praying and Seeking the Fathers Face for a NEW WAVE OF REVIVAL in the Fellowship in America?

In Jesus’ Name,

Robert W. Bignold, National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America