War Story # 14

In February of 1994, when I first recognized this truth described in War Story No. 14, I understood that it applied to prayer, and I wrote a small booklet entitled “Praying God’s Word” because I understood that praying God’s Word would cause the angels of God to bring the object of our prayers to pass in the earth.  But several years later God enlarged my understanding, and I understood that either praying God’s Word or saying God’s Word would cause the angels to bring His word to pass in the earth. If that is, we believe what we say in our hearts.

We activate the angels of God to bring God’s Word to pass when we speak the Word of God to the adverse circumstances that develop in our life.  Speak the Word of God to your business and call your business prosperous and successful. Faith is the language of heaven, and when we pray or confess God’s Word in faith, heaven is activated to bring His Word to pass in the earth. But to make sure that you do not misunderstand me, I want to make something very clear: the angels do not heed the voice of your word; they heed the voice of God’s Word as it is spoken through you, in faith. You cannot order angels to do your will.


In November of 2003, I was a speaker at the Canadian National Convention of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, in Regina, Canada.  Terry Law was also a speaker in that same convention.  Terry is the author of an excellent book on angels entitled The Truth about Angels (1). As Terry and I were sitting together in one of the convention luncheons, I raised the subject of angels with him.  Both of us had met individuals who thought they had the authority to command angels to do their bidding as if the angels were their personal servants.  We agreed that such actions are just plain foolish, but regrettably there are a lot of foolish people in the world.  Terry said that he had used the term “activating angels” rather than “commanding or ordering angels” in his book, in order to clarify and avoid the impression that people may order God’s angels to do their will.  I liked the term “activating the angels,” and since my conversation with Terry Law in 2003, I have used the phrase “activating the angels” often in order to avoid giving people a wrong impression.

In his book The Truth About Angels (1) Terry Law teaches five principles that activate angels. One of those principles which we have discussed earlier in this War Story No. 14 is praying God’s Word.  Terry states “I have found that something special happens in the angelic kingdom when Christians speak God’s Word in the midst of contrary circumstances.  It somehow releases the angelic world to work alongside us”… “Problems do not activate angels… God’s Word spoken from our mouth concerning answers to our problems activates the angels to bring us victory in every circumstance of life.  Promises from God’s Word brings provision, including the assistance from angels if that is needed. Someone has said there are seven thousand promises in the Bible.  God does not want to hear the problem.  He wants to hear the promise that fixes the problem.  He wants to hear us praise him in advance for the fulfillment of His promise.” (1)


Several years later a friend gave me a book in which the author compared the Word of God to the standing orders that a military commander might issue to his command.  The author suggested that men have the authority to command the angels to fulfill God’s standing orders.  While the author is correct in comparing God’s Word with his standing orders, I am reluctant to imply that we humans have the authority to command angels.  But when we put God’s Word (His standing orders) in our heart and our mouth, the angels of God will bring those standing orders, the law of heaven, to pass in our lives, not because we command them to do so, but because our hearts and our mouths are in agreement with God’s Word, His standing orders.

We are to meditate upon the Word of God day and night in order to establish faith in our hearts in that word which proclaims our agreement with the victory that Jesus has already won for us.

We are to take the Word of God before the throne of God in prayer and supplication, setting our case before him as an attorney would do before a judge (Isaiah 43:26).

We are to remind Satan of the Word of God as Jesus did when He proclaimed, “It is written” (Matthew 4:1-11).

We can either say God’s Word, or we can pray God’s Word, but we can’t pray His Word without saying it.

As the Word of God becomes established in your heart, it becomes your faith.  And your faith in God’s Word spoken from your mouth will activate the angels of God to fulfill God’s Word, to fulfill God’s standing orders, to fulfill the law of Heaven on your behalf.  Your faith in God’s Word, spoken from your mouth will produce victory in every circumstance of your life.


A number of years ago I was teaching a seminar from my book “Business By The Spirit” in a church in the Midwest, I instructed the members of the class that after they had prayed for new sales, they were to confess that they had already received the new sales.  I told them that as they confessed God’s Word concerning the new sales, the angels of God would work day and night to bring them the increased sales.  During the question and answer period following my teaching, the pastor of the church asked, “How do the angels bring God’s people new sales?”  His question startled me for a moment; I had never thought about how they did it; it had been sufficient for me to just confess the Word of God and believe that the new sales would come.  But immediately the Lord gave me the answer.  I asked the congregation “How many of you believe that evil spirits (evil angels) can influence people for evil?”  They all raised their hands; then I asked then why can’t we believe that good spirits (God’s holy angels) can influence people for good?  When you produce a good product or service, and believe God for increase, His angels will go before you to influence the people who buy your goods and services to give you new sales. Neither the pastor nor probably most of the congregation had ever considered that the angels of God can influence people for good. Quite frankly, I hadn’t thought much about it myself.

(1) The Truth About Angels, by Terry Law, © 1994, Published by Charisma House, All rights reserved,

Bob Bignold
National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America