War Story # 20

While I was writing War Story No. 20 I asked my wife Barbara to assist me in remembering some of the details concerning the  ministry in Pastor Gakiya’ s church. Barbara was with me in Sakai on this particular trip. As she read the story she said to me, don’t you ever write about anything else but delivering people from the devil?  That is a good question and a question some you readers may also be asking yourselves.

I thought about Barbara’s question over the next several days? A day or so later I asked Barbara “Have you ever cast the devil out of anyone?” She thought about it for a moment and said well I have prayed for people whom I knew had a demon and needed deliverance? I told Barbara that’s not what I am talking about; I am talking about casting the devil out of someone, not praying for them, or praying that God will deliver them. Jesus said “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons…” (Mark 16:17)  

If you read this War Story or any of my War Stories you will find that I never once opened the prayer portions of any meeting by announcing “if anyone a has a demon please come forward and I will cast it out.”  If I had done that in Pastor Gakiya’s church the pianist would never have come forward.  Why?  Because she didn’t know it was a demon spirit causing her problem.  It was not until I laid my hands on the girl that the demon in her manifested.  That has nearly always been the case. Rarely have I known that the person I was praying for was being harassed by a demonic spirit, until after the spirit manifested. Even if I suspected that someone in a meeting was oppressed by a demonic spirit I would not deal with that person until I had prayed for all the others. Why? Because casting out a devil is usually disruptive and often time consuming, we might never get back to the task of praying for the other people’s needs.

In the meeting in Pastor Gakiya’ s Church on the day this demon manifested I had I prayed for twelve to fifteen other people before I prayed for the pianist.  A number of the people who had reported that they had pain in their body were healed, and when they were healed they testified to the people that the pain had left them.  Their testimony of healing then raised the expectation level of those waiting for prayer. No doubt some in the meeting were not healed; but I never focus on those who are not healed and you shouldn’t either.

I chose to feature the story of the church pianist for several reasons. First, I wanted to highlight the fact that this demon had inhabited the mind of this young girl for a number of years and that no one in the church was even aware that her problem was caused by a demonic spirit. Most of the people who knew the girl probably thought that she was simply shy or introverted.  The girl was an active member of the church. Her piano provided the music for many of the churches services. People no doubt recognized that she was quite reserved and perhaps even depressed, but no one recognized or even considered that her problem was caused by a demonic spirit.

Later, as I contemplated this girl’s behavior (lying on her back on the floor and kicking her feet and flailing her arms like a spoiled child) I wondered to myself “how many children who throw this type of a fit and who act in the same manner are being influenced by a demonic spirit? Even asking myself “might this type of behavior by a child open them up to the entry of a demonic spirit?”

As I observe what is taking place in our nation, I see more and more evidence of an increase in demonic activity. Who will recognize it?  Who will deal with it?  Who will cast the devil out of your generation? Men, this is the reason why my “War Stories” include these type of testimonies. You men of the Joshua Generation like my generation before you, need to learn how to recognize and deal with the devil. If you don’t deal with him, then he will deal with you, and he will steal, kill, and destroy your generation.


Bob Bignold
National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America