War Story # 7

Dr. Lester Sumrall who spent a great deal of time in the Orient during the early part of his ministry career, is quoted as saying, “Half  the world is possessed by the devil and the other half doesn’t believe that the devil exists, and the devil sees to it that the two never meet.”

I first met Bill Subritzky when he was a featured speaker at our Pacific Northwest Warm Beach Men’s Camp near Seattle Washington in the mid-1980’s.

Bill had been a member of the Anglican Church for many years before he accepted Christ as his savior.  After he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior Bill and his wife Pat experienced the healing of their marriage, and opened a prayer meeting in their home.  One night the gift of discerning of spirits manifested in the meeting and Bill cast the spirit of fear out of a man in the meeting. This experience sharpened his interest demons and demon oppression and he began to read literature and listen to tapes on the subject of deliverance. Then in 1985 Bill published a book entitled, Demons Defeated, describing his experience in the deliverance ministry.

In 1990 we asked Bill Subritzky to be the featured speaker at the first Japanese National Convention of the FGBMFI held in a rural Hotel near Osaka.  As he spoke the first night of the meeting Bill asked, “How many of you have some kind of demonic activity in your family history?” Nearly ninety-five percent of the people raised their hands. Bill thought that the people had misunderstood what he had just asked, so he asked the same question over again, being careful to define exactly what he meant by demon activity.  Again nearly all those attending raised their hand. That convention was a busy weekend for Bill Subritzky.  Demon activity in Japan is very prevalent.

Demon activity in America was relatively low until about 1960 when it began to increase again.  Today with illegal immigration, a major increase in drug and alcohol use, and out of wedlock sex, demonic activity in America is increasing rapidly.  Therefore, understanding the deliverance ministry will be very important to you men of the Joshua Generation.

The American public in general, including many Christians, does not believe in the devil and demon spirits.  And even those who do believe in the devil and demon spirits have absolutely no idea how to recognize him, or how to deliver a person that is oppressed by him.

You should take note that both the lady in Ireland, and the man in Hiroshima were professing Christians, but each of them were oppressed by the devil and required deliverance. In fact the first time I had prayed for Ota-San, the man in Japan.  I did not know that his infirmity was caused by a demon.

Many Christians don’t believe that demons are real and many others don’t believe that Christians can have a demon.  It is important to understand that man is a three part being: spirit, soul and body.  The real you is your spirit man.  For a person to be demon possessed the demon would have to inhabit your spirit man.

Demons seek embodiment in men because they need a body in order to fully express themselves in the physical world.  Demons can influence people to some extent in the spiritual realm without a body.  They can oppress people, and they can depress people, without inhabiting the man’s body, but a body gives them a greater ability to express themselves in the physical world.

When a lying spirit embodies a man it makes him a liar.  When an unclean sexual spirit inhabits a man it makes him sexually unclean, it drives him to commit sexual sin.

Man is a spirit, he has a soul (mind, will and emotions) and he lives in a body.

The real you is the spiritual man, you have a soul – the intellectual and emotional qualities – and you live in a physical body.

When we are born again our spirit man becomes new, but our intellectual and emotional nature are not changed; and our physical body is not changed.

Last month I shared with you the story of the Christian woman in Ireland in which the spirit of epilepsy had entered into her mind during a very traumatic event in her life.  The spirit of epilepsy was not in her spirit, it was in her mind.

In the case of Ota-San, the man who was delivered of the muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease in Hiroshima, the evil spirit was in his body.

For several months after the delivery of Ota-San he would write to me, and give me a progress report concerning the recovery of his physical body.  But after several months I lost track of this man so I cannot testify to his final recovery.

One thing is certain, however.  For those individuals that participate in sinful demonic activity the devil has the right to enter into their mind or their body to oppress them.  If they continue to commit sin and submit themselves to the devil he may ultimately possess them.

Bob Bignold
National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America