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The following article by Gerald Korson published in a Catholic newsletter entitled “For Your Marriage” underlines the devastating effects of pornography on marriage, particularly among the Joshua Generation, those men between 18 and forty years of age.

“Henry seemed to have it all–a loving marriage, four young children, and a solid middle-management position with a local financial corporation. He and his family lived in a good suburban neighborhood and were active in their local parish, where Henry was involved in the music ministry. At 35, he was poised for a promotion to a more lucrative upper-management post.

He always worked long hours, both at the office and at home, but in recent months he had shown signs of wearing down. To his wife and children, he seemed distant, irritable and gloomy, and he was spending longer and longer hours at the computer. He often missed out on family outings, saying he needed to work. Even his co-workers noticed a change for the worse in his mood, efficiency and productivity. He simply wasn’t himself anymore.

Everything came crashing down late one evening when Henry’s 11-year-old daughter, Hannah, walked in on him as he watched an Internet video of men and women engaging in sexual acts. Horrified, Hannah ran and told her mother, and this now-disillusioned family suddenly had some very serious issues to face.

Tragically, Henry’s situation is not unique. While pornography has been around for centuries, the problem of addiction to pornography has increased dramatically in recent years largely due to its vast presence on the Internet.”

“These are some of the devastating effects of Internet pornography upon marriage, the family and the individual:

  • It destroys the trust and intimacy within the husband-wife relationship and often leads to the end of the marriage itself.
  • It creates obstacles to real communication and personal interaction with one’s spouse and with others.
  • It stimulates within the porn addict a distorted view of sexuality that can lead to the desire for riskier, perverse and even criminal sexual behaviors.
  • It draws focus away from one’s family life and relationship with God and sets a destructive example for one’s children.”

Epidemic proportions

Porn addiction has grown to epidemic proportions in the current Internet age.

A 2009 survey by Pure Desire Ministries, entitled “Porn Usage in Evangelical Churches” revealed that 68 percent of Christian men and 50 percent of pastors view pornography regularly. But even more shocking is that 11-17 year-old boys reported being its greatest users. These statistics reveal that as these boys reach adulthood the church will be flooded with porn addicts.

After one of our thirty year old Seattle area Joshua Generation men (I will call him Jeremy) was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with a family member, I felt that I needed to highlight the devastating effects of pornography on young men in my monthly “War Story for the Joshua Generation” article . We in the Fellowship in America need to be aware of the destructive effects that pornography is having on men, and more specifically on young men.

Jeremy, like Henry in the lead story above, became involved in viewing internet pornography, at first it seemed harmless, but over time the pornography began to take over more and more of his thought life, until that evil sexual spirit controlled Jeremy’s thought-life, just as it did Henry’s life in the lead article above.  The problem with   pornography in America has increased exponentially in recent years due to the ever increasing intrusion of the internet in our daily lives.  When Jeremy was first accused of this inappropriate sexual behavior, the local sheriff placed him under arrest until he could post bail, his employer upon hearing of his arrest, terminated his employment, cutting off his $100,000 plus annual salary until he could prove his innocence, and His wife had a restraining order placed against him, preventing him from helping the family manage their seven acre ranch.  Suddenly the world had turned upside down for both Jeromy and his family.

As a result of these, and several other events we recently brought in Bob Bassler the founder of New Life Deliverance Center http://www.jesussettingfree.com/ in South Bend, Indiana,  to Seattle to help Jeremy and other young men like him to sort out their lives and gain freedom from this satanic  attempt to destroy them.  May I suggest that you visit Bob Bassler’s website to familiarize yourself the resources that Bob has made available to you. You may also know someone like Jeremy, who needs help in freeing themselves from pornography’s destructive grasp on their life.

You may even discover as Jeremy did, that “that someone is you!”      

I know from experience that some of you are thinking “How can a Christion have a demon? When the young men Bob Bassler delivered in this month’s War Story  were born again, their spirit (their inner man) became a new creation and the old man passed away (2 Corinthians 5:17).  But there was no change to their bodies or in their souls (their mind, will and emotions). These men’s body’s and souls remained in the same condition that they were before they accepted Christ.  If their body craved rich, fattening foods before they were born again, it will still crave rich fattening foods after you were born again.  If their body was involved in sensual sexual activity before they were born again, it will want to engage in sensual sexual activity after they were born again. Their body will have the same fleshly, carnal nature it had before you were born again, which is why Paul said, “…present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God…” (Romans 12:1).  

Your born-again spirit, the inner man, is to discipline your body. It is to take control over your body, and bring it into submission to the Word of God.  But in order for your spirit man to take control of your body, it needs the cooperation of your mind. But your mind is still in agreement with your body, because it was originally trained by the body’s five physical senses.

The Bible offers the following advice “… let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” (Romans 12:2b NLT).  In another place it says  that when you were born again your “inward man” (your spirit) delights to do the law of God, but your body is controlled by another law which wars against your mind and your spirit and keeps you in captivity to the law of sin (Romans 7:22-25).  In these passages, Paul points out that your spirit (your inner man), which is inhabited by the Spirit of God, wants to do what is right; but your mind, and your body, which have been programmed by the five senses, has a carnal (body-ruled) nature which tempts you to sin.

But Paul doesn’t leave us without hope; he tells us that we can transform our mind, by changing the way we think “… bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). (Christ is the Word of God.) Simply stated, we are to reprogram our thinking by meditating upon (thinking upon and confessing) the Word of God day and night until we think like Christ thinks.  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).    


Like all spiritual laws, the law of faith will work either positively or negatively depending on the thoughts that we allow to dominate our conscious mind.

That is why the devil loves to play games with your mind and your emotions.  He delights in filling your mind with lies, accusations and negative thoughts concerning your life, your family, or your business.  He knows that if he can get you to meditate on his devilish, negative, sensual, pornographic thoughts that eventually you will begin to believe them and act on them.  And once you begin to think on them day and night, you will begin to confess them, and eventually you will act on them and they will come to pass in your life (Mark 11:23).

But be encouraged, God has given mankind a will, and you have the ability to exercise your will and to control your thoughts!  

But tragically most men never exercise control over their thoughts or over their mouth, and in failing to do so they allow Satan and his devilish imps to control their lives. Many years ago I heard Kenneth Hagin, the founder of Rhema Bible Training Center, express this principle in the following words, and I have never forgotten them:

The way you think… 

  • Determines what you believe in your heart (Proverbs 23:7a),
  • Which determines the way you talk (Mathew 12:34b),
  • Which determines what you have in life (Mark 11:23).
  • Watch your thoughts; they become words


Paul entreats us to submit our body as a living sacrifice to God, and he encourages us to not be conformed to the pattern of the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:1-2).  In this computer age we would say, “Take control over your body—don’t think like those in the world think, and be transformed by the ‘reprogramming’ of your mind.”  We know from experience that if we program our computer with wrong information it will produce wrong results.  The same is true of our mind.  Most people’s minds have been programmed by their physical senses to operate in a “sense-ruled” physical world.  It has been programmed to believe what it sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells; therefore, it has difficulty operating in the faith realm.  It’s all right to believe your senses when you are crossing a busy street, but when your senses contradict God’s Word, you are to believe His Word. We have to reprogram our mind daily by meditating (thinking upon and Confessing) the Word of God so that we think like Christ thinks. We need to think in line with God’s Word in order to operate in cooperation with His spiritual laws.

Bob Bignold
National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America