War Story No. 17 Blog

Sally and two church women arrived at our home at 2:00 PM sharp and so Barbara and I began to interview her concerning her background. She told us that her father, had been a medical doctor and her mother was a homemaker.  Her parents had divorced when she and her sister were quite young, and occasionally she and her sister would visit her father on the weekend at his apartment.  During these visits the father would bribe the girls with ice cream and other treats if they allow him to fondle them sexually.  When she became older she seemed drawn to men who enjoyed perverted sex,  and after several failed marriages a voice within her told her that she couldn’t have her own husband, but that she could enjoy sex with other women’s husbands.  She of course didn’t recognize the voice as being a demon manifestation.

After listening to this young lady tell us her story for about 15 to 20 minutes we told her that we were going to cast that evil spirit that was speaking to her and causing her problems out of her, and when we were finished she would be able to live a normal life.  The devil in her was also talking to her and trying to convince her otherwise.  I began to command the spirit in Sally to come out, and to free her. After about forty-five minutes to an hour a spirit came out, but she was still distressed, she was not free…we continued to pray. 45pray over Sally her the next three hours as four or five of the manifested before coming out.  Sally could hear the voices of the spirits speaking where I could not but each of the spirits would name themselves to her and she would tell me what they had said. {this step is giving too much credit to the devil}  The demons were quite boastful – I don’t remember their names with the exception of one who said “I’m the one who was in King John.”  After praying for Sally for about three hours after dealing with these devils it was apparent that I was not going to be able to complete the job that day do to another appointment prescheduled for the evening.  We scheduled the women to bring her back the following Wednesday to complete the deliverance.

On Sunday evening one of the ladies who had brought her to us on that Saturday called to say Sally was very depressed and talking of commenting suicide.  The ladies were encouraged to stick close to her and to encourage her to hang on to God while the rest of us continued to intercede for the situation.  The following Wednesday we hoped to finish the deliverance however I must admit I was quite concerned that the spirit in Sally might lead her to take her life.

On Wednesday evening Sally and the two intercessors, I, Barbara & Tim Schlitzer, a policeman friend of mine, met to set her free.  Things went very well for the first two hours and another 5-6 spirits came out of Sally.  Each would name themselves to us through her.  Finally our success in casting out the devils came to an end.  This last spirit was the ‘strong man’ and called himself ‘intellectual pride’.  As we kept the pressure on him to come out he was defeated and Sally was set free!!  While Tim was commanding with authority for her to be released I was reading my bible quietly and praying always in tongues, then after about an hour on the authority of the Word I read 1 John 4:16 to her.  AS soon as the verse was finished Sally said it had left – so we all gave praise to Jesus.  I had no clue as to why I had to read that verse of scripture but it was upon God’s word she was set free.

The next day Sally went to her Thursday meeting with the State psychiropist and the following day when I saw her I asked what he had said to her.  His reply was   ‘we made a lot of progress today!’  We were all blessed to watch Sally’s progress over the next few years as she recovered her children, obtained a new job and took on a more normal life.

Bob Bignold
National President
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America