WAR STORY NO. 24 BLOG “The case of the “evil spirit” that dwelt in our Home”

My wife Barbara has always been much more sensitive to the spirit world than I.  Being sensitive to the Spirit of God can be a tremendous asset when seeking guidance from the Lord, but it has also made it easier for demonic spirits to attack and depress her.

Several years after we were born again and began attending the Full Gospel Business Men’s meetings, we moved from a developed neighborhood to a fifteen acre ranch.  The ranch house we purchased was previously occupied by a Mormon family who had built the home a year or so earlier.  Barbara and our two teenage girls, who were still living at home, had been trying to get me to purchase the house for about three months.  Finally I made an offer on the house and we closed the sale several months later.  It was a large house built on the side of a hill, with all but the master bedroom on the lower floor.  Because the house was so large one of our girl’s friends who lived with a single mother, also moved into one of the bedrooms.

As a harbinger of things to come, on the day we moved into the house, one of our girl’s new St Bernard dog attacked and killed Barbara’s poodle.  After several weeks in the house, Barbara began to complain that she couldn’t stand the house, and the three girls began to verbally attack and fight with each other.  Now you need to understand

that Barbara and these girls had been expounding the virtues of this new house for months, and now suddenly she couldn’t stand the place. I am thinking, ‘what is the matter with this woman!’

About a month after we moved into the house, I received a tearful call from one of the girls telling me that when they had arrived home from school, they had found a note from Barbara saying that she needed to get out of the house, as she could not stand to stay there anymore.  Barbara had driven an hour south to Olympia and checked into a hotel.  Everybody was upset, including me.  I couldn’t understand what was wrong with these women!

I got the girls settled down, and talked Barbara into coming back home the following day.  After discussing the problem with Barbara, we decided that there must be something spiritually wrong in the house!  The assistant Pastor in our Episcopal Parrish was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and we knew that he held a mid-week healing meeting in the church basement, so we asked him to come to our house and exorcise it.  He agreed to do so.  Several days later Pastor Dean Scovall came to our home for prayer.  He had us stand in the middle of our living room, join hands and pray for direction.  We then went to each room of the house and prayed for God’s Holy Spirit to fill the room with His Spirit, and command all evil spirits to leave.  When we came into the walk-in closet where Barbara had experienced a ‘rancid diaper odor’, the Priest commanded the spirit to leave in Jesus Name. In his spirit Pastor Dean heard the spirit say, “which Jesus?”  The priest replied, “Jesus Christ of Nazareth!”  Immediately Barbara said the smell left!  The smell just left!

After we prayed with Father Scovall that day, Barbara had no more emotional problems, the girls quit fighting, and peace returned to our family.  Several weeks later, however as Barbara walked into the walk-in closet she again smelled the ‘rancid diaper odor’.  She immediately commanded the evil spirit to leave and it left! Then after several additional weeks as she was sitting in a chair in our master bedroom studying, she smelled that same spirit go by.  She immediately commanded the spirit to leave and she has never again smelled or experienced that demonic spirit.  It has never returned.

After the initial incident with the demon spirit that inhabited the walk-in closet of our new home, it made two additional attempts to re-enter our house.  Both attempts occurred within three months of the time we moved into our home. On the first and second occasion my wife Barbara was in the walk-in closet of our bedroom when she detected the ‘rancid diaper odor’.  On the third occasion Barbara was sitting in a chair in our bedroom studying her Bible when she smelled the evil spirit pass by.  But now Barbara understood her authority in the kingdom of God, and as soon as the spirit manifested she commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus.  Both attempts by the spirit to return occurred within three months of the time she was initially attacked.  After she demanded that spirit leave the third time, we never had another incident in which that spirit manifested in our home.  While we were never really sure, we suspected the spirit had entered the house when the Mormon family who had built the house, lived in it.

Several years later we hosted a Christian meeting in our home.  A young couple who were new to the group attended the event. During the latter part of the afternoon the wife entered the door of the bedroom where we had laid the guests coats as they had arrived at the party.  As the wife entered the bedroom she smelled the ‘rancid diaper odor’. She came out of the bedroom and got her husband, who had grown up in a Mormon home, and took him into the bedroom.  She said to him “do you smell that? That is the same odor that I smell in your family’s house whenever we visit with them”. Like me, the husband couldn’t smell the odor he was not as spiritually sensitive as his wife. As the couple was leaving the party the wife shared this story with Barbara and me.  That was a confirmation to us that the source of the odor in our home had been the Mormon family that had formerly occupied the house.

The Founder of “Saints Alive”, Ed Decker, was “born again” in a Full Gospel Business Meeting in the Seattle area in the 1970’s. (Saints Alive is an organization dedicated to educating members of the Mormon Church on the dangers of Mormonism).  After one of our Seattle Chapter meetings, we shared with Ed Decker the story of the ‘rancid diaper odor’ and the spirit that had harassed Barbara when we first moved into the former Mormon home.  Ed immediately confirmed that the source of the spiritual attack on Barbara was the Mormon spirit which had entered the house when the Mormon couple owned it. Ed said the former owner of our home must have been a “Temple Mormon”.  He said that he often smelled the same ‘rancid diaper odor’ when dealing with men and women who had completed the temple rituals and become members of the Mormon Church. (Ed Decker explains in considerable detail, his own induction into the Mormon priesthood on his Saints Alive website). Click below to view the website, and read the story.


But let me share with you a short excerpt from the “Saints Alive” website in which Ed Decker explains his own ordination into the Mormon priesthood;

I was then dressed in the “garment of the Holy Priesthood” (a basic, one-piece set of underwear). The worker instructed me that I would be required to wear this “shield and protection from the power of the destroyer” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except to bathe or change the garment itself.

The “garment” contained special markings on each breast, the navel, and the right knee, and would act as a mystical talisman to shield me from the power of evil so long as I would wear the garment and keep the Temple oaths. What a pity that I had no understanding of the true armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18.

The worker then whispered my secret “new name”, (Joseph), which only God and I would know, and by which God would call me forth from the grave.

I was then led back to my locker where I removed the ‘shield’ and dressed in the white temple clothing and went upstairs to continue the rituals.”…

Ed Decker says later on his website “It wasn’t until after I became a born again Christian and renounced the blood oaths I swore in the Temple that I could look back at this bizarre ritual and its Masonic roots as being extremely occult, irrevocably tied directly to Lucifer, who in Mormonism, is the brother of Jesus.”

Until the time I spoke with Ed Decker that afternoon in our home, I had not understood why, when the Reverend Dean Scovall had commanded the demon spirit that inhabited our new home’s closet to leave, that the spirit had asked, “Which Jesus?”  It was asking, “Which Jesus? The Christian Jesus or the Mormon Jesus”…


In Jesus’ Name,

Robert W. Bignold
National President,
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America