In the late 1990’s I was ministering in a church in Japan one Sunday morning, when a mother brought her fifteen year old son to the front of the church for prayer.  She explained that the boy had been acting strangely.  She said that he was obsessed with reading comic books that involved occultic characters.  The boy was rather large for his age and acted a bit strange.  He had a rather odd cackle in his laugh, and his eyes glared at me with contempt.  It was as if he was daring me to challenge him.  The mother had brought him into the church after the service ended.

I was sitting in a chair in a small room near a piano, talking to the Pastors of the church at the time they came in.  As I was asking the young man questions, he raised both hands over his head in a threatening manner and began to walk toward me as if he were going to pounce on me.  As he walked toward me, he began to laugh making a strange cackling sound.  I was still seated as he stood over me, with his hands both raised ready to pounce on me (or so it seemed)…

I boldly commanded the spirit in him to come of him.  As I commanded the spirit the second time, he staggered back as I rose out of my seat.  I commanded the spirit to come out of him once again.  This time as he came for me, a big angel must have hit him because he fell to the left of me under the church piano.  When the boy stood up, he was delivered and in his right mind.  He was totally delivered.

I told him and his mother to bring all the occultic comic books to the church so that the Pastor could dispose of them.  That afternoon while the Pastor, Barbara, and I were having lunch, the boy brought a wheel borrow full of occultic comic books to the church.  His countenance was totally changed.  You wouldn’t have believed it was the same boy that the mother had brought for prayer after the morning church service.

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