The world that the men of the Joshua Generation are growing up in now is a very different from the world that we men of the Moses Generation have grew up in.  In War Story No. 26 I shared how a young Japanese boy had become obsessed and oppressed by satanic literature in the later part of the 1990’s.  That literature came to him in the form of colorfully illustrated comic books.  But today the occult is available via a much more addictive media, that of beautifully illustrated video recording, and it is available on the internet with a click of your mouse.  It is openly advertised on national television disguised as interactive video games.  One such advertisement features a pretty buxom blond asking “will you be my hero?”  A similar Video Game entitled “The World of Warcraft” which first came on the market in 2001 is considered by its opponents to be the most addictive Video game on the market.   They claim that it is so addictive that people lose their friends, jobs, and end up in economic ruin as a result of becoming addicted to playing it.

Pornography is everywhere; a 2007 survey by “Pure Desire Ministries” revealed that 68 percent of Christian men and fifty percent of Christian Pastors view internet pornography regularly.