As you read the Presidents Newsletter for February 2016 you will observe that January and February have been very busy months for many of the Officers and Directors of FGBMFA. On January 21st and 22nd the National Officers and Directors of FGBMFA held our mid-year Directors Meeting in conjunction with the Georgia Men’s Advance. Following that Directors meeting’s the FGBMFA Officers and Directors attended the 900 man Georgia Men’s Advance.  The Georgia Men’s Advance is the largest FGBMFA event in America.

I want to begin this month’s Newsletter by commending the Georgia Men’s Advance Board of Directors for both the quality of the speakers, and the variety of the sessions which they provided in this year’s Advance.  I also want to thank the GMA Board of Directors for hosting the Midyear Meeting of our FGBMFA Board of Directors so close to their Men’s Advance, knowing that our presence no doubt placed additional burdens on both the GMA Board Members and the GMA Staff. Thank you, for your kindness and your generosity which you expressed toward us while we were attending this year’s Advance.  The GMA Board of Directors is to be commended; you are an inspiration to the rest of the Fellowship in America.

I left Atlanta late Sunday afternoon, after the last meeting of the GMA, and flew to Seattle, Washington on the first leg of my trip to the “Full Gospel Global Forum’s” annual Prayer Summit, which this year was held in Singapore.  The Global Prayer Summit was scheduled to start in Singapore on the first Thursday following the Georgia Men’s Advance.

On Monday the day after the GMA, I and several other Directors were scheduled to travel to Portland, Oregon to participate in “A  Celebration of Peter Reding’s Life”, the man whom God had used to incorporate and organize the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America in mid – 2006. To my relief Stanley Abbot, one of our Seattle Chapter leaders volunteered to drive me the three and a half hours south of Seattle to attend Peters Celebration, which had been organized by Peter’s family.  At the ‘Celebration of Life’ ceremonies in Portland, I was joined by FGBMFA Executive Board Members Roy Brian, Alan Schmook, and Greg Simpson who had flown to Portland earlier in the day to also honor Peter. Keep in mind that these three men, had also attended the Georgia Men’s Advance, therefore they had to first travel from the GMA to their homes in Texas and Oklahoma on Sunday before joining me in Portland, Oregon on Monday.  On the day following the Celebration of Peter’s life, Roy, Alan, and Greg flew back to their homes in Texas and Oklahoma respectively. It is an honor to serve with dedicated Directors, like these men.

On that same Monday, our FGBMFA National Director in charge of the Joshua Generation, Chris Burge, flew to Seattle to meet up with me before we were to leave the following day for the Singapore Prayer Summit.

On that same Tuesday morning on the other side of our nation FGBMFA Director Douglas Raine, who sits on the FGGF Board, left his home in Commerce, TX, for Singapore; and FGBMFA Director John Fay, left his home in Boston, MA. Both men were bound for the Singapore Prayer Summit.  Both Douglas and Chris Burge had attended the FGBMFA Director Meetings and the Georgia Men’s Advance the previous week in Atlanta, and FGBMFA Director John Fay had attended the Vermont Men’ Advance just two days before leaving for Singapore. Our fifth FGBMFA Delegate Phil Harrison, who lives in Nevada, had flown to Singapore the previous week to visit with his wife’s family (who live in Singapore) prior to the start of the 2016 Global Prayer Summit.

The 2016 Singapore Prayer Summit was attended by over thirty nations from Europe, Central America, North America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. I can understand why some of our men may not appreciate the “spiritual significance” of the FGGF Global Prayer Summit or appreciate the time and money that our men expend in attending this Event. I believe that the FGGF prayer summit is one of our Fellowships most important spiritual events, that is bringing Global unity among the Brothers as well as an event that will help to bring a spiritual awakening in America.  I want to personally thank every Director who has journeyed to the Prayer Summit to seek the Spirit of God on behalf of our Fellowship.

It is also in these global prayer events that we witness with our own eyes and hear with our own ears the marvelous things that God is doing in the Fellowship in other areas of the Globe. This year we heard that the Full Fellowship Business Men’s Fellowship in Nigeria has grown to include some 3500 chapters, the largest Fellowship Nation in the world. (Next year the Prayer Summit will be held in Nigeria.) We heard from the men in Australia, how the men from Singapore have helped their Fellowship to begin to grow again. We heard in Singapore how that Lance Wallnua’s “Seven Mountains of Culture” teaching” is resonating in Asia, and we witnessed firsthand the anointing and the enthusiasm of the men in Asia, Africa and other nations where the Spirit of God has been bringing about a spiritual awakening for the last twenty years.  And each of us fasted and prayed for God to arise and bring a cleansing awakening in our own respective nations.

When we come together in the “Full Gospel Global Fellowship” in fasting and prayer it is pleasing to the Lord.  I must admit however that we delegates from North and Central America were, because of the time difference, a little like Jesus’ disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, our eyes were heavy with sleep. Our spirits were willing but our flesh was weak.  But that is precisely the sacrifice that makes our pilgrimage to the prayer summit pleasing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Last week I received “a prophetic bulletin” from Rick Joyner entitled, “The Great Tsunami.”  In that bulletin Joyner describes a prophetic Vision that he had received in 1987, about the same time that Demos wrote the “Vision Intensified”.

“In 1987 I had a two-and-a-half-day prophetic experience in which I was shown a panorama of coming events that I wrote about in my book titled, “The Harvest”. Most of what I saw coming has now taken place, but the biggest event of all, the harvest that was at the end of the age, has not. It is now approaching.

Jesus said, “The harvest is the end of the age” (see Matthew 13:39). This will be the greatest ingathering of new believers in history, greater than all the previous ones combined. In my vision, this came in two great waves. The first wave was the largest up until this time, but it was only the ingathering of those who were called to be the laborers in the coming even much greater one.

This first wave began shortly after I was given this vision and lasted for almost twenty years. During that time more people came to Christ around the world than had come to Him in all of history up until that time. Some estimates were that an average of almost four hundred thousand people a day were coming to Christ during its peak. There were countries where people were being born again faster than they were being born. Hundreds of millions came to Christ in Africa, South and Central America, and Asia.

Though this wave hardly seemed to touch North America and Europe, they provided many of the evangelists and workers for the other great revivals around the world, and their time is coming. I then saw a period of relative calm before the greatest of all moves of God began. “We are near the end of that time and are about to be hit by a wave of revival like the earth has never seen before.” Click here to read the entire article.

Remember men, we went to the FGGF Prayer Summit to ask the “Lord of Harvest” to anoint our respective nations with the spirit of unity and with the power of the Holy Spirit, and we came in obedience to the Vision that God  gave to Demos Shakarian as is expressed in “The Vision Intensified – A New Wave of Revival”.   Next Year the Full Gospel Global Fellowship will meet in Abuja Nigeria. And one year later in 2018, the Full Gospel Global Fellowship will meet right here in America.  Will the FGGF Prayer Summit in America coincide with the great outpouring of the Spirit that Rick Joyner saw in his 1987 vision?

 I believe it May