Our Emblem


Here is an explanation for the heraldic elements of the design.

The Colors. According to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the American flag represent the following:

White – peace and honesty
Red – hardiness, bravery, strength & valour
Blue – vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice.” (Source: Flags Flags Flags)

Instead of using the flag itself, which is too narrowly identified with the political United States and whose use is restricted by Flag regulations, We opted for the central stripe of red, which also represents the Blood of Christ, flanked by white, which represents the purity of the Gospel covered by the field of Heaven above.

The Shield. Shields were painted with emblems to identify Friend or Foe. The Lord Himself is our Great Friend and our Shield of Faith.

The Mascot.

Heraldic mascot or symbolic creature, it represents the affiliation of our organization with Christ’s pure white Dove of Peace, Whose wings cover all that we do.

The Torch.

Central to our mission is the silver Torch of Witness with the golden flame of the Holy Spirit atop it. The lower, sharpened end of the torch reminds of the Word of God, which is like a two-edged sword, discerning soul from spirit. [NOTE: For simplicity the lower end of the candle was converted to a stripe as part of the shield.]

The Stars.

There are twelve stars in the field, sown like the Twelve Apostles across the field of the world. There is one Star above all others, as Jesus was the Star rising in Judah who drew the Magi, and Who draws all men—Jesus: the Hope of mankind.

The Text.

The gold letters across the silver top remind us of the Biblical expression,“like apples of gold on plates of silver is the Word, fitly spoken.” We are Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. The field of our ministry is “in America.”

[NOTE: Upon reduction to a size suitable for lapel pins, letterhead and business cards the ‘gold letters across the silver top’ reproduced very poorly. Therefore, a conversion to a black background with white letters seemed appropriate, it means that ‘the Word is light breaking forth from darkness’].