Lance Wallnau was the Keynote Speaker at our National Convention in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas last July. Knowing that Dr. Wallnau was somewhat unfamiliar with FGBMFA, during the banquet meal before he spoke, I took the opportunity to familiarize him with our vision of reaching the young men, of the Joshua Generation. As I related our vision Dr. Wallnau began thumbing through his Bible and making notes concerning his remarks for the evening.

I subsequently asked Director Douglas Raine to bring Dennis Ray Martin, a 23 year old African American Chapter President from the St. Paul, Minnesota to the head table to meet Dr. Wallnau. I wanted our keynote speaker to experience first-hand our zeal for reaching the young men of Dennis’s Generation. After sharing a few introductory remarks, Dr. Wallnau began to exhort the men of FGBMFA in our quest to reach the men of the Joshua Generation. Below is a portion of Dr. Wallnua’s remarks which I thought you might find inspiring and refreshing.

I invite you men of the Moses Generation to see yourself as the senior older statesman making a space for the “Next Generation”… the Joshua Generation to rise up and run with the Vision. The Joshua Generation desperately needs and wants the “father anointing” that is on your generation. And while I was catching up on this Fellowship, at the dinner table tonight, as to what you are doing, I really felt that one of the areas that you are going to see great life come to you again is in reaching out to the next generation.

Let me suggest to you something which is just a Jewish consultant’s perspective. Social media is now the unusual vehicle for being able to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people at one time without you having to go anywhere to do it. I just coached a guy in the Middle East for a presentation, and I was doing it on a simple app that you can install on your iPhone, and lo and behold, I could actually leave a voice message or video message, and just that fast he could see them in real-time, and respond back to me as we communicated.For us this is like the Gutenberg press of the Reformation.

The technology exists for you to multiply your presence a thousand times, and it is especially important when you are older because as we age we are less inclined to travel the 200 days a year that we have in the past because travel is physically demanding and it is not necessarily as fruitful.

As Full Gospel Business Men you could use this technology to reach young men that are desperately looking for mentors, and you could have a meeting with them without even leaving your house. You could be an incisive and powerful influence on their lives. You can communicate love and wisdom and counsel with them by the click of a “Skype Message.”

So, if I have one thing to say to you, that I think is really needed, we need to access the collective wisdom and maturity of fathers and mothers in business, to mentor the next generation of young people. Young people who can’t afford, or don’t have the ability to fly and travel and meet and consult, but with a little bit of technology, you could be mentoring your sons and daughters in cities all over this country who you are fathering. Women, you could do this same thing with young marriages and young families. The opportunity that is before you is phenomenal. I don’t know how long that opportunity will last, but the opportunity is here now! 

So the Joshua Generation, and the Moses Generation, the two generations coming together, and I know that this may sound unusual, but when John the Baptist was born, his mother Elizabeth was an older woman. When Jesus was born His mother was a young woman. There were two supernatural births happening. One was with the old, and one was with the young. Elizabeth was conceiving the prophet John that paved the way for the Savior. Mary was conceiving the Messiah, the savior. It is a beautiful type for the older generation and the younger generation both birthing the pathway and the message that would change the world. That’s what is happening now, in this Fellowship.

You came to this convention with a hunger in your heart to experience something from God. Let me encourage you to realize that when Elizabeth’s husband Zacharias was told that God had heard his prayer, and his wife would bear him a son, this Jewish priest had forgotten that prayer for a son which he had prayed so many years ago. But to God, who is timeless, our prayers spoken to him in our youth, are just as close to Him as our prayers spoken to Him this morning, Even though you might have forgotten that you had even prayed them. 

This man who had prayed for a son so that he could see God manifest a legacy out of his loins, had after a while grew weary and stopped asking, and reconfigured his expectation to expect nothing. Suddenly the angel Gabriel pops in, as though he had prayed for a son within the last twenty-four hours… And says your prayer has been heard, your wife is pregnant. The man of God at this point doesn’t even have faith to receive the answer to the prayer he had prayed years ago. He answers, “How is that possible,” and the angel says, “Shut up,” seals his mouth so that he doesn’t talk his way out of a miracle, and then tells him, “You won’t be able to speak until it happens.” And it is interesting that the angel tells him, he is not to be called after you, he is to be named John. And so when the baby is born his relatives turned to Zacharias and asked “What is his name? Zacchaeus, right?” No! Zacharias writes on the chalkboard, “His name shall be called John.” For me, this means that our tongues are going to be loosed to proclaim the Gospel in the last days, when we agree with what the father is trying to say. It will be a dual generational move of God!

I remember the Full Gospel Businessmen when it started. I have tracked with it over the years. I am delighted by what you are doing in this Fellowship. I sense an anointing and a presence that is characteristic of something that still has God’s fresh power in it.

My encouragement to you is even tonight to consider that there are angels here in this place to quicken your mortal bodies, to put strength and vitality in you, so that you will be able to say like Caleb at eighty years of age, “give me my mountain.”

I encourage you to go back to the place where you start to envision the answer to the prayers you prayed years ago, so that God can supernaturally prosper you, and give you a platform of unprecedented influence so that “you can produce results that you have never seen before in your life, results that commands an audience that comes to you and says, “How did you do that? What is happening with you? What is going on in your life?” and that opens a door for this Fellowship to share the Gospel in an entirely fresh way. 

This is an hour when God is calling us to pick up the baton. Many of us have to wait and listen. It is almost like it is a re-commission to something that, well you have been doing for years. There comes a time when you actually have to “re-up” your enlistment, and God is saying, “Are you all for this? Are you willing to get back into the race and run as you did when you were younger; to say everything I have got belongs to you, Lord?”

Everything I have, my influence, my name, my reputation, my house, my marriage, my kids? I can see on the Horizon, the end to this life;but I want a legacy… I want to touch the next generation. I want to live beyond my years, and I want a life extension on the warranty on my body. I have got a mountain to take,” because if you are willing to do that, I am telling you, this is the reason that I am here… there are angels that have been with this organization from the beginning, and now is the time when there is a movement in the systems and in the nations. Unprecedented shifting is going to produce unprecedented opportunities for Josephs to rise up, and rulers are going to come to the brightness of your horizon. 

Leaders of nations are going to come to the brightness of kingdom men and women who have an anointing to solve problems. They have been given dreams for countries that they can’t administrate until the right Jewish consultant shows up, and you are anointed for the assignment. Put your hands up. Let me pray for you.

Father, I thank you that there is a presence in the atmosphere. The Lord says there is a fresh charge that is coming into this house, and your legacy is being secured in a fresh way. 

There is a second mile anointing that is coming to this Fellowship, to give you the zeal and the resources and the ability to run the race that the Father is inviting you to run. There are fatherless sons and daughters who are looking for a generation that will mentor them and you will have sons and daughters throughout the earth because you have answered the call of God to a multi-generational kingdom.

Father, I thank you now for supernatural dreams. Clear and open the heavens so that you will have encounters with the Spirit of God who will reveal to you fresh orders, fresh assignments, and a fresh anointing for a fresh commission. 

All the years of your preparation are going to be used in this next hour. This is going to be the Fellowships finest hour.

         In Jesus’ name,

         Dr. Lance Wallnau

Men, Dr. Wallnua’s “Convention Message” is a call to action. If you would like to hear the entire message you may do so by clicking on the following link: and then clicking on Lance Wallnau 07/05/14 6:30 PM. Nearly 3000 other people have already done so.


Robert W. Bignold
National President,
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America

In Jesus’ Name,