War Story No.29 Continued

The lady interpreter and I took the girl that we had just cast the demon out of aside to question her.  I wanted to find out what type of spirit had entered the girl, and how that demon had gotten in to her.

The girl was embarrassed, and was reluctant to tell us what she had done that allowed the spirit to get into her. I sent all the other people away except the interpreter and assured the girl that we weren’t going to punish her; we merely wanted to understand how the evil spirit had entered her. I explained that it would not only help me in ministering to others like her, but it would help her if she understood how that spirit had gained access into her. After considerable coaching she told us the following story.

Apparently the young lady’s husband was like many Japanese men very busy. He was a hard worker, and often traveled in his job, and he was in some way physically unattractive to her, (the lady doing the interpreting either didn’t understand the girl or was too embarrassed explain the condition to me).  On one occasion when her husband was away on business, she had a sexual affair with another man. She had become guilt-ridden about that affair and began going back to her church in an attempt to get rid of the guilt. But when her husband left town again, she would seek to meet men who would take her to bed.  But after she had sex with these men, she would became guilt-ridden and suffer considerable remorse.  She had been raised in the Catholic Church and she began to attend church again and take communion in an attempt to rid herself of the guilt and remorse she felt.  But when her husband would leave town, she had an overwhelming desire to seek out another man. The demon that had entered her was then compelling her to find a lover.  The girl was ashamed of her actions, and didn’t understand what drove her to act as she did.

As I talked with her, I assured her that the demon that had been controlling her life had been cast out of her, but I cautioned her to never again get involved in that type of activity or it would allow that demon spirit to re-enter her.

Earlier that morning as she came forward for prayer, she had apparently been drawn to John. I believe that the spirit that was in her recognized something in John that would be open to its advance.

Later I shared with John the story that the girl had shared with me. I counseled him to never pray with a woman again without another individual being present.  And that is the same counsel that I would give to every man.

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