Our mission is based on a vision that God gave to Demos Shakarian, founder of the International Fellowship, in 1952. In that vision, God took Demos around the world and showed him “millions and millions of men standing shoulder to shoulder.” Demos continued: “What I saw terrified me. The faces were set, lifeless, miserable. . . They stared straight ahead, unblinking, unseeing. With a shudder of horror, I realized that they were dead. . . Then the vision changed. . . Everywhere it was the same. Brown faces, black faces, white faces – every one rigid, wretched, every one locked in his own private death.” The men whom Demos saw in the vision were spiritually dead, they were without Jesus, they were lost. . . Then God spoke (through Rose Shakarian) “My son what you see next is going to happen soon.” Then Demos was moving around the earth a second time. “Below me again were millions upon millions of men. But what a difference! This time heads were raised. Eyes shone with joy. Hands were lifted towards heaven. These men who had been so isolated, each in his prison of self, were linked in a community of love and adoration. Asia. Africa. America – everywhere death had turned to life. And then the vision was over.” God gave the Fellowship – through Demos Shakarian – the mission to call men back to God!!