August 19, 2020



Why did you join the Fellowship? For some of us that question may be a memory from long ago. But I would like to ask each one of you to consider your answer.

For myself, I was first introduced to the Fellowship in the early 1970s. Several of the leaders of the local chapter attended my church.  On a semi-regular basis their monthly speaker would also speak at our church on the following Sunday morning.  The speakers were nationally and internationally recognized ministers, movers and shakers in the business world, and other individuals who had been touched by God.

The business leaders and the leaders of the local chapter thrilled and challenged me as a young businessperson.  I joined the Fellowship in 1974 because I saw God moving in the lives of businesspeople. I thought in my simplistic mind, if God can use them, then maybe he can use me.  I've never questioned my decision, and I have thoroughly been blessed.

Another question, why have you invited/brought people to your local Fellowship meetings in the past?  Again, speaking for myself, I wanted them to experience the love of God and the power of his Holy Spirit working through ordinary people telling their personal story.

Now that we have each identified these two "why" questions, it's time for us to consider why we aren't inviting/bringing people to our local Fellowship meetings today.  I've heard some people say, I've been a Christian so long I don't know any unsaved people.  My suggestion would be to ask God to introduce you to the unsaved people- they are all around you.

God said in His word that He wants all people to come into the knowledge of the fullness of Christ.  It's one thing to say you agree with God's word, but do you agree with the preceding verse?  He wants all people to be saved.  If so, what are you doing about it?

I hope this stirs you to action.  I understand not all chapters are having in-person meetings due to the limitations imposed by the current health conditions, but there are still many ways to reach out.  Some examples include the following:


  1. FGBMFAmerica Thursday Night Live zoom testimony meeting:
  2. FGBMFAmerica Facebook page, which includes archived testimonies from the Thursday Night Live program and other postings:

  3. FGBMFAmerica website:

  4. Weekly regional conference prayer calls: Contact


One last question:  If you are not a member of the Fellowship?  Why not?

God bless you my friends as we watch God grow His kingdom and expand our Fellowship.


Your friend,



Alan Schmook, President
Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in America™