Acknowledge that each meeting is the Lord’s meeting

It is His desire to use you to accomplish His plan. Find out His purpose and plan for your chapter and follow it.

Required Prayer

1. Prepare 2 weekly prayer meetings.

2. Pray to determine the speaker God would have you contact.

3. Pray to open each meeting inviting the Holy Spirit to fellowship with you.

4. At the close of each meeting always provide an opportunity for new men to receive the Lord Jesus, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, or prayer for healing.

Allow the Holy Spirit to Participate

* Worship – Enter into His presence in worship, although we usually would not have worship in a noon luncheon meeting where we have limited time.

* Freedom – Follow His Direction

Impart God’s Vision for the Fellowship in each meeting

Reach men every where for Jesus Christ.Get them Baptized in the Holy Spirit and release them to flow in the power of the Holy Spirit and to the calling of God on their lives.

Mentoring and Training the members

• A chapter should not be “a one man show.” Involve the whole membership.

• Train your key men to replace you by delegating portions of work to them.

• Give all your members an opportunity to participate.

Use an agenda

as a guideline or checklist to lead your meeting, but be prepared to change and flow with the Holy Spirit if you sense his leading.

An Outward Focus

The Fellowship is not a “bless me club,” our focus is to bring the non- believer into a relationship with God. We are to reach the world! You must have a vision or a burden for the souls of men to enjoy the blessing and anointing of God.

Dress is important

The scriptures tell us that leaders are to set an example for others. Therefore, it is important that we are well groomed and dressed appropriately. If your chapter’s goal is to attract top businessmen then you should dress in a suit or sport jacket. If you cater to the “bluea collar” worker then you should dress like a sharp blue collar worker in your area would dress. Remember, you are an Ambassador for Christ and you are to dress appropriately.

Be Prepared!

Remember the “5 P’s” They are: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Be prayed up Be friendly and hospitable Impart the “vision” and involve the membership Have a plan or agenda Be observant, alert to other spirits in men trying to disrupt your meeting Be aware of time, especially at luncheon meetings. Maintain the focus on outreach.

Make the best use of the tools available

Facility: Know the room setup, if it has a podium, sound system, temperaturecontrol, privacy.

Publications: Have available the Happiest People on Earth, Chapter Manual, flyers, etc.

People: Involve Chapter Officers, Field Representatives, Speakers, and Chapter members


1. Plan for the meeting at least a month ahead. Select a good speaker.

2. Always introduce your guests

3. Use one or two short testimonies beside the speaker

4. Emcees’ don’t preach or dominate the meeting. Stand erect! Look at the group and be relaxed.

5. The leader should be enthusiastic, joyful, prayed-up!

6. Have one man to greet those attending the meeting. He should be alert, friendly, and enthusiastic about his work.

7. Don’t have to sing at every meeting, particularly a luncheon meeting, let the Holy Spirit direct.

8. A one-hour lunch makes it easier to bring a friend that can’t stay too long. Ask waitress to serve as soon as possible after 12:00PM. (start at 12 & finish at 1PM)

9. Explain what the FGBMFA is all about

10. Always have literature, membership packets, welcome cards, and salvation packets on hand.

11. Explain the operation of the Holy Spirit’s gifts if they are manifesting.

12. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading – don’t let anyone take over the meeting – no debates.

13. Announce the Fellowship’s other meetings if appropriate.

14. Be expectant! Believing! Contend for things to happen. Pray for salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the sick, and any members that need support.

15. Be consistent with other master of ceremonies; don’t pull surprises on your guests.

Some Thoughts on Leading a Meeting

BE NATURAL Fight the urge to speak in “church terms” or “Christian-ease.” Terms like “get saved” can be expressed in English: “get right with God.” or “do you know for sure that you would go to heaven if you were to die tonight?” etc.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC Be enthusiastic about your Christian walk, about the Fellowship, about the meeting and the speaker. Enthusiasm in your voice and manner influences others and will set a mood of confident expectation for the meeting.

BE POSITIVE Keep your confession in line with the Word of God; speak only those things that will edify the meeting, establish an atmosphere of faith, and expectation. If you can’t think of anything else, quote the promises of God on healing, on prosperity, on Salvation. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

BE IN CONTROL You should have this attitude: I am appointed by God to lead this meeting. An appointment from God ought to be enough authority to maintain control anywhere! If a man gets out of line, stop him. Tell him in love to hold it down, to soften it, etc. Don’t let an off base man turn others off.

BE ORGANIZED Prepare an agenda, pray over it, and spend some time in prayer praying in the Spirit ,asking the Lord’s guidance, stay alert to the Holy Spirit, pray in the Spirit, continually asking the Lord “What’s next?” If you don’t hear specifically from the Holy Spirit then follow your agenda. You may have had a heavy work schedule; an upset customer, and you may not be able to hear what He is saying. Be prepared, consult with other Godly leaders, be open and be consistent. New men coming to the meeting expect to hear a businessman not a preacher, not a super spiritual experience that has no earthly significance; let’s meet men where they are.


Responsibilities of Emcees (Master of Ceremonies)

To lead the meeting under the headship of the Holy Spirit’

To have arranged for the Speaker and shared the guidelines for speaking with the Speaker

To come prepared for both practical and spiritual, have a written agenda and be prayed-up.

Be prepared to lead men to Jesus Christ.

Be prepared to minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit: healing, word of knowledge, etc.

Look professional. Stand up straight, dress appropriately, look the men in the eyes, be alert and relaxed.

If you are a chapter leader then you need to dress appropriately when leading a chapter meeting.

Chapter President’s Responsibilities

Committed and determined to see men born again. Be passionate to this call.

Training of emcees and chapter officers.

Encourage and inspire chapter leaders to a greater relationship with God.

Develop leadership qualities

Identify you men’s gifts and help them to develop those gifts.

Personally attend a majority of chapter meetings

Support and assist emcee’s during the luncheon.

Replace emcee if he is not functioning properly in his duties

Personally emcee at least one luncheon a month

Oversee the chapter finances.