Jerrell Collins

Jerrell is president of the FGBMFA Conyers, GA chapter and is on staff of One Heart Ministries in Georgia.   prayer warrior, intercessor, teacher and director of One Heart’s prison ministry.  He travels to Honduras  several times a year evangelizing with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jerrell also serves on the FGBMFA National Conference Team.

Andre' Gorham

Andre' is an Air Force Vet, Missionary for 23 years to SE Asia+, Author of 7 books, A man of prayer & intercession with an anointing for miracles & healings. He is also a pastor at Community Fellowship International Church in Durham, NC.

Tommy Kodel

Tommy Kodel is a Hip-Hop artist for Jesus, one of the co-leaders of Holy Smoke Hangout, an on-fire youth and young adult outreach in Norwalk, CT.  He’s co-founder of River of Fire, a weekly podcast in which he discusses the deeper mysteries of Christ.  Tommy holds three degrees- MA in Teaching, MA in Human Services and a BS in Biblical Studies.

Jim Priddy

Jim Priddy served in the U.S. Department of Defense and was part of the top secret A-12 CIA and SR-71 Blackbird programs.  With over 40 years of government service, 21 years was in the U.S. Air Force under the command of six sitting presidents.  He was also on the support team for the president’s plane, “Air Force One”.  Jim serves in FGBMFAmerica as National Director for Maryland and sits on the National Executive Board as Vice President of Senior Affairs.  Among his many activities, you can find Jim volunteering as a part time “ranch hand” at Rosemary Ranch in Port Republic, Maryland.

Newman Smith

Newman Smith was a drug trafficker and machine gun dealer for over 30 years ending up on the FBI's most wanted list. He was caught for the last time via the TV show "America's most wanted".  He was sent to prison four times, the first time he was indicted for 3000 pounds of Marijuana and 99 Ar-15 rifles.  He met a believer while in federal penitentiary and gave his life to Jesus.  After falling back into a sinful life of crime he ended up being arrested again where he repented and received a vision of prison ministry while incarcerated for the last time.  He has been serving in prison ministry since 1995 and has continued to work installing cell towers and for electrical companies.

Joseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen is a Jewish believer in the Jewish messiah and an evangelist in NY with a television ministry for the last 10 years.

Steven Davis

Steven Davis has been a Chaplain at the headquarters of a Federal investigative agency for over 20 years serving government officials at the highest level. He has consulted to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. He had a national television ministry on the The Dream network and has been in the gospel music scene for years. He also has two articles in the Holman Law Enforcement officer's Bible. He is a conflict and crisis negotiator and speaks at men's conferences nationally.

Jack Turner

Jack Turner served in the Korean conflict, and has been a successful entrepreneur most of his life. He started in discount retail and continued into billboard advertising and real estate development.  He became a Christian at 14 and has been a missionary all over the world including to China, Russia and Nepal. He has also served for over 50 years providing church services to local county jails.

Richard L. McBain

Richard L. McBain has been a Christian all of his seventy-one years, but it was not until he was twenty-eight years old that he discovered the power of the Holy Spirit that made him take a new direction in his beliefs, and what God wants from him.