What a joy it is to be given the opportunity to share your testimony! Jesus Christ changes lives every day,and you are going to be a part of that miracle.
The vision of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America is to provide a platform for men to share their testimony with their associates, friends, and family. Below, you will find a few guidelines and suggestions. These have proven to be most effective and helpful. Because of them, the Holy Spirit has honored us by being present at our chapter meetings in power. It is important that they be allowed to ensure a successful meeting for all.

Communication avoids embarrassments; don’t assume anything.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read these guidelines and suggestions. May the Lord bless you richly and powerfully as you share your testimony around the world.
A special thanks to Dr. Solomon Aordkian


The Apostle Paul provided an excellent example for us in Acts Chapter 26 in his address to King Agrippa. There were four aspects of his testimony.
ln his testimony, he shared:

1. What his life was like be fore he met Jesus as his Savior.

2. How he met the Lord.

3. What effect that decision had on his life.

4. The fact that this gift of salvation is available to all men.

His testimony was positive and to the point. He didn’t labor excessively over the details of his life before he met the Lord, but simply highlighted his past sins. He promoted and exalted the Lord Jesus Christ, not his church in Antioch or other ministries. He was encouraging and uplifting to those around him, giving hope and faith to those who would listen.

Each chapter meeting is for evangelistic purposes only. The Lord did not establish us to be a church, but to assist the church in bringing in a harvest of souls.

Thus, we do not have Bible studies or teach seminars at the chapter level. Nor do we allow the main speaker for the meeting to belittle other ministries or organizations. We do network with other ministries, and organizations, but the speaker should not use the meeting to either promote or denigrate anyone.

Hopefully, there will be men attending the meeting who do not know Christ. During your testimony, include scriptures that have brought you through. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in telling stories from your life with which these men can identify. Avoid religious clichés and theological terms. Many of these men may not have been raised in church. Make it a simple message that anyone can understand. Let the Holy Spirit do the convicting and convincing, and then, He will also confirm your words with signs and wonders.

Always receive written confirmation as to:

1. The date, time and location of the chapter meeting.

2. What expenses will be covered.

3. The amount of the honorarium.

4. The meeting schedule, and if traveling by air, any necessary transportation needs and information.

5. At least two contact phone numbers for last minute changes.

Before the meeting, you should inform the chapter:

1. If your spouse is attending. (Be sure to introduce her)

2. Of any special hotel or meal arrangements.

3. Airline, flight number and arrival time. Please do not burden the chapter with expensive air fares, or unnecessary hotel and phone charges.

At the meeting, you should:

1. Come prepared, having spent much time in prayer. (lt’s not by our might or power, but by the Holy Spirit)

2. Look your very best, you are representing the Lord and the Fellowship.

3. Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the meeting time.

4. Follow the meeting schedule. (The Holy Spirit is aware of the time frames businessmen must keep; be sensitive)

5. Move out in front of the podium for the ministry.

6. Ask the Chapter leadership for assistance during ministry.

7. Promote Jesus, not yourself. Ask the Chapter President to mention any books and tapes you may have brought.

After the meeting, you should:

1. Send the Chapter a note of thanks.

2. Inform the National Director of any praise or problems that you discovered during your visit

. 3. Request an audio tape if one was recorded, for your review.