As the owner of its largest dairy farm, Demos Shakarian was one of the most successful businessmen in the greater Los Angeles area.  On December 26, 1952 he was shown a literal vision similar to the kind experienced by the prophets of the Bible.  He was deep in prayer when he was taken up out of his house in the spirit, far above the earth so the LORD could show him the purpose of his life.  He was able to see the entire country from west to east; moreover, he saw people all around the earth, millions and millions of people. He could see the detail on their faces and what he saw terrified him.  These people were alive, yet dead.  They were captives bound in chains, alone and miserable, locked in their own private death with no hope of making it in this world. Through this vision, the Lord showed Demos the purpose for his life.  He was to start an organization of men that would set these captives free and transform them into productive men with dignity and purpose. The means for their transformation would come through ordinary working men preaching the gospel and making disciples in the marketplace.” Over the years, millions have come into the Kingdom and fulfilled God’s purpose in their life through the workplace ministry borne out of this revelation.  Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America™ is committed to running with this vision and making it plain so that others can run with it as well.  We are a fellowship of men of business and men of purpose who are united by a passion to fulfill the Great Commission of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. We see the Great Commission as an assignment for all believers to preach the gospel and make disciples.  Our unique part of the assignment employs the vehicle of “economic evangelism” to accomplish the goal.  This is a tern that symbolizes the process Jesus used … a process that was labor intensive and time consuming. Jesus made disciples one-on-one, and daily in the marketplace.


Demos Shakarian wrote a book in 1975 called “The Happiest People on Earth.” The book tells of that night when he experienced the course changing vision. This book not only chronicles the tremendous successes, growth and miracles in the early days of the Fellowship, but it also revealed the secret of becoming one of the “happiest people on earth.” In chapter 7, Demos says: “I believe God has a particular gift for each of His servants, some special ability we’re to use for His Kingdom. I believe if we find that gift – and use it – well be the happiest people on earth. And if we miss it, no matter how many excellent things we do, well be utterly miserable.“  Have you discovered God’s purpose for creating you? Have you found that gift or special ability God has given you to advance His Kingdom? Do you have an outlet for fulfilling the Great Commission? Are you prepared to share the Good News of the Gospel with anyone at any moment, any where, in any situation? Do you have people within your circle that you are helping to be conformed to the image of Christ?  Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Is your relationship with Him growing? Is it growing daily? If you are not sure of your answer to any of these questions, we are here to help!


What Can We Do For You? 

In addition to introducing you to the person of Jesus Christ, we want to show you the Father. In the Gospel, Jesus always referred and deferred to His Heavenly Father. The Bible talks about how a son in the Royal family thinks and acts. This requires change from thinking like an orphan who is driven by his own need for provision and protection, to thinking like a son who “only does what he sees the Father do.” This requires spending time with God.  Have you been baptized in the fullness of the Holy Spirit since you asked Jesus into your life? For the Apostles, this was no small matter. Their focus and approach was dedicated toward all new believers being equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit, even to the same emphasis as preaching the Gospel and obeying the LORD in water baptism. More than ever, we believe this is needed today and we will teach you what the Bible says about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to minister it to others.

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  The Happiest People On Earth, written by Demos Shakarian