We the men of the Fellowship meet together to share our stories of God’s grace, and to discover His timeless wisdom and direction for our lives; and to relate the good news of Jesus Christ with the weary warriors of the marketplace.

Some of you may have won the battle of the marketplace, you have conquered all in the name of “success,” you may be envied by your peers; you appear to have everything. But you awaken in the night empty and alone, frightened by the thought of the endless search for happiness.

Others are having difficulties in their jobs, their finances are tight, their marriage relationships are strained. They feel that they can’t turn to other men for help: some are workaholics, others avoid their problems by frequenting the local bar, or are trapped by alchohol or drugs or guilt ridden relationships with other women.

The men of the Fellowship, have known a measure of worldly success, and we have experienced the emotional highs that go with it. We, too, have known the agony, the emptiness and the frustration of searching for peace of mind. And we, too, have experienced the bumps in the road … each beckoning with its own promise of fulfillment…alcohol, drugs, adultery, money, and on and on.

Nothing worked; nothing produced lasting happiness. Nothing produced peace of mind.  hen, each of us, in our own way, witnessed a miracle that changed our lives. We met the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. Through a personal relationship with Him, we have found victory in our lives, a peace, a fulfillment far more wonderful than the human mind can comprehend.

We invite you to join with us every week as we share our stories of victory and defeat, with the weary warriors of the marketplace.