Next week the Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship in America is coming together with Business Men’s Fellowship in the USA in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas to corporately enter into His presence, and to worship and adore the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We are coming to hear what God is doing in the lives of our men in the Marketplace.

The Fellowship was birthed in the heart of Demos Shakarian in the fall of 1951.  And like many things birthed in the Spirit of God, its charter was simple… “It’s a group-a group of men. Not exceptional men, just average business people who know the Lord and love Him… and they tell other men about Jesus, no theories.  They tell what they’ve ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED OF GOD to other men like themselves – Men who might not believe what a preacher said – but  who will listen to a plumber or a dentist or a salesman because they’re plumbers, dentists and salesmen themselves.”   In the Fellowship we give our testimony to what God has done.  When Demos started the Fellowship in 1951, he may not have completely understood the spiritual principal upon which the Fellowship was founded, but the Lord had identified it clearly, two thousand years earlier in the last book of the Bible. “…the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophesy”. (Revelation 14:10)

Our testimony prophesies, ‘God’s nature and His intent to all those that hear our testimony.  When we hear Dudley Perio or Bernie Burreson testify to what God has done for them, it releases hope in the rest of us that He will also do it for us.  When one of our convention speakers declares his testimony, it becomes the vehicle by which the promise of God is transmitted to the rest of us.  It releases faith in the atmosphere, and the atmosphere becomes pregnant with the opportunity for a miracle.

James Lévesque, our Joshua Generation speaker on the first evening of the Convention, moves strongly in the revelation and power gifts of the Spirit.  His testimony will open the door for the Spirit of God to flow freely in our Convention.  If you have a desire for these gifts to operate in your life, take hold of the Spirit that is on James. When James gives the call for ministry, move quickly to the front of the ballroom, to receive an impartation of the Spirit that rests upon James Levesque, or any other speaker.  Show God you mean business!

Dudley Perio is a man who has worked in the petroleum industry his entire life. Dudley has found favor with God in his personal worship, and God has released the knowledge and wisdom of the kingdom into his business, and his ministry.  Dudley is a quiet and reflective man, and the anointing of God manifests on him in a very dramatic and unusual way; as he worships the Lord or speaks the anointing covers Dudley with small flecks of gold dust.  It becomes particularly noticeable as he speaks.  God has downloaded literally dozens of inventions and products to Dudley, products that are revolutionizing the petroleum industry.

The same creative anointing rests upon Bernie Burreson our speaker in the Men’s Friday luncheon, but it is manifested on him in a very different way.  Bernie is very gregarious, and outgoing, and he loves to freely and exuberantly worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, he is a very different personality than Dudley.  But the Lord is no respecter of persons or personalities, and He has released to Bernie some of the secrets of the kingdom of God in the world of electronics.

What is my point?  As these men give testimony of what Jesus has done for them, take a hold of it for yourself, remember “the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophesy”.  Their testimony prophesies of the wisdom of God that is available to every believer, God is no respecter of persons, what He has done for them; He will also do for you! Their testimony prophesies to what is available to you and me.  God has many wonderful things in store for those who take hold of them in the Spirit, and won’t let them go.

Need help with emotional and spiritual issues?

If you have been experiencing spiritual or emotional problems or addictions to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco that you haven’t been able to break, you need to visit Bob Bassler in the convention prayer room.  Bob was trained under the ministry of Lester Sumrall, the dean of the deliverance ministry. You may require help to set you free from these types of addictive strongholds.

Wondering about the future?  Don’t know what to do?   

Richard Maiden brings a prophetic depth to our convention ministry staff. Richard will be teaching and ministering in the prophetic gifts during the convention on Friday and Saturday afternoon in the convention breakout sessions.  I have found Richard Maiden to be a clear and accurate prophetic voice over the more than twenty years that I have known him.  You may want to take advantage of his afternoon break-out sessions during the convention.

Holy Smoke Hangout!

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the Joshua Generation men will for the first time in our convention history present a ministry to the young people on Wednesday evening, June 24th, 2015 from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.  This ministry will take place on the ‘Austin Ranch’, which is a separate hotel facility adjacent to the DFW Convention Facility.  You won’t want to miss this special Holy Smoke Hangout event.  Please note that the Holy Smoke Hangout is open to all ages, but only the younger folks are participants in the meeting.  It’s an opportunity to see what God is doing among our youth!

Come to the 2015 National Convention in Dallas-Fort Worth full of expectation and excitement for what God is doing both in our Fellowship and in the World of Business. We all need a fresh anointing of the spirit of God in our lives and as our speakers give testimony as to what God has done for them, just remember that they are prophesying as to what God will do for you!  God is no respecter of persons, what He has done for these speakers He will also do for you!



The testimonies of God are our divine inheritance and in each story of what God has done there is a revelation of His Nature…