In this month’s FGBMFA Presidents Newsletter I am departing from my usual commentary to call your attention to Jonathan Cahn’s newest book,“The “Mystery of the Shemitah”.
Many of you know Jonathan Cahn as the author of the New York Times best seller “The Harbinger”, but I believe his latest book, “The Mystery of the Shemitah”, is even more important to this generation.

Johnathan Cahn begins “The Mystery of the Shemitah” by asking six questions, and then spends the remainder of book answering those questions. I will share with you here, only the first of these questions in order to pique your curiosity and to encourage you to become familiar with what may become one of the most important events of 2015, an event that will shake America and the world.

The first question, “Is it possible that there exists a three-thousand year old mystery that lies behind everything from the implosion of the New York Stock Exchange, the collapse of the American and world economy, the attack of 9/11, the rise of nations, the fall of nations and events that have not yet happened but are yet to take place?”

Most Christians know that for the nation of Israel, every seventh day is called the Sabbath day. God commanded the Israelites to keep the Sabbath separate and distinct from the other six days of the week. It was to be a day of rest, a holy day devoted wholly unto the Lord. Few Christians however, know that the Sabbath was not only a day, but it is also a year. Every seventh year was a Sabbath year. It was to be a year of rest, a holy year devoted wholly to the Lord.

During the Sabbath year there was to be no working of the land. All sowing and reaping, all plowing, all gathering and harvesting had to cease (Exodus 23:10-11).

During the Sabbath year the people of Israel were to leave their fields, vineyards and groves open to the poor, for the duration of the year the land belonged in effect to everyone. (Exodus 23:11) At the end of the Sabbath year the Israelites were to grant a release of all debts. Elul is the last month of the Hebrew civil year and the 29th day is the last day of the month of Elul. So on Elul 29 all debt was to be cancelled. The nation’s financial accounts were to be wiped clean. (Deuteronomy 15:1-2) One additional matter for us to understand before we move on: The Hebrew day starts at sunset, not in the morning like our gentile days start.

So the “Shemitah” is the name of the last day of the Sabbath year, Elul 29. But it is also the name of the seventh year in its entirety. So Elul 29 is the last day of the Hebrew civil year. It is the day when everything is released, remitted, and wiped away in one day.

“According to the Book of 2 Chronicles, the mystery of the Shemitah was operating behind one of the most pivotal events in world history, the destruction of the kingdom of Israel in 586 BC. Because Israel failed to keep the Shemitah, and failed to heed the warnings of the prophet’s, God sent the King of Babylon to remove them from the land for seventy years, until the land had enjoyed the seventy Shemitah years that the Israelites had failed to keep.

In his latest book, “The Mystery of the Shemitah”, Johnathan Cahn asks “What if the mystery was still in effect? What if it was to manifest again in the modern world? What if it is operating right now, still touching, affecting determining, or altering the course of human history in modern times? What would it look like?”

Armed with these questions he investigates our modern day markets, and he reports some startling results.

He found that the majority (85 percent) of the greatest long term collapses in our nations stock market history happened according to the timing of the ancient shemitah. The top two crashes both occurred during the shemitah year. He goes on to point out that all five of the greatest peaks or turning points in modern financial history are connected to the preceding peak by a cycle of seven years. He also found that from the forty-year period beginning in 1973 every single one of the five greatest financial economic peaks and collapses have converged, clustered, and taken place according to the set time of the Shemitah.

Now let’s fast forward to the year 2000, the Shemitah year begins on September 30, 2000, and ends on September 17th of 2001. America’s industrial production peaked in September of 2000 at the start of the Shemitah year. On September 11, 2001, America’s hedge of protection is removed and the Twin Towers fell. The fall of the towers forced the New York Stock Exchange to shut down for nearly a week. When the market opened the following Monday, September 17, it fell 684 points, the greatest one-day plunge in American history and it happened in the year of the Shemitah. It constituted a mass nullification of debt at the end of the Shemitah year, and it happened on Elul 29, the very day given in the Bible that financial accounts were to be wiped away. It took place on the ancient day of the Shemitah.

The next Shemitah year began on September 13th of 2007. On October 10th of 2007 the stock market reversed direction and started a collapse. The following spring Bear Sterns, one of the most prominent global investment firms, collapsed. In early September of 2008 two corporations which owned or backed half of American mortgage market collapsed and were seized by the US Government. With the Shemitah two weeks away from its conclusion, Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in America began to collapse. Its fall triggered the largest global and financial and economic crisis since the great depression.

The collapse reached its peak on September 29, 2008, Elul 29, the ancient day of the Shemitah – the very day given in the Bible to wipe away the financial accounts of the nation.

So when is the next Shemitah? The next Shemitah year started on September 24, 2014, its final climactic day, Elul 29, the day of remission, will fall on Sunday, September 13, 2015. Since September 13 falls on a Sunday in America the stock market will be closed.   Cahn points out that it is worthy to note that the last day the market will be open before the day of nullification will be September 11, 2015.

Adding to the mystery of this year’s “Shemitah” is the fact there will be two solar eclipses and a unique series of four Lunar Eclipses during the Shemitah year.

One of the solar eclipses will mark the exact center point of the shemitah year and the other will mark its climactic last day, Elul 29.

With regard to the lunar eclipses, they appear from the spring of 2014 to the autumn of 2015, each on a Jewish holiday. The occurrence of four consecutive lunar eclipses, each on a Jewish holiday, has taken place only six times in the last two thousand years.

One thing is certain, we live in one of the most exciting and perhaps the most challenging times in history, and God has called you and I to know the times and the seasons in which we live.

I highly recommend that you read “The Mystery of the Shemitah”.

In Jesus’ Name,

Robert W. Bignold
National President,
Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America