Whether Gen Z, iGen or Centennials; Millennials or Gen Y; Thirteeners or Gen X, they are the “Next Generation” hailing from the 1970’s to the 2000’s.  Like the biblical Moses, we older men of the Fellowship have a mandate to mentor them.

Our mission is to restore the heart of the Father to the children. With the exception of Jesus, biblical men­tors were not perfect; they made mistakes, just like we all have made mistakes. But regardless of their imperfections they spent time with their young protege's, and demonstrated by example the testimony of Jesus in their lives.


We cannot afford to lose this next generation.

Satan has tried to destroy the Next Generation through alcohol, drugs, secularism, relativism, and plu­ralism. This generation has grown up in the electronic age and cut their teeth on video games. During their lifetime computers have replaced typewriters and "tex­ting" is the new form of social communication. Along with these technological advances, this generation has been bombarded with every form of unholy lure the enemy can produce. All types of addictions are on the rise and our ability to contain societies rapid decline is slipping from our grip.


Here are some startling statistics about children from fatherless homes¹

  • 85 % of all Children exhibit behavior disorders.
  • 90 % are homeless and runaways
  • 71 % are high school dropouts
  • 75 % of adolescent patients are in chemical abuse centers
  • 63 % are youth suicides;
  • 70 % are juveniles in state operated institutions
  • 85 %  are sitting in prison

We want to offer true fatherhood through God's love, forgiveness and acceptance. Strong fathers bring strength, stability and balance to the family.

What does a spiritual Father do?

  • Fathers demonstrate love. They affirm their children and provide a gentle secu­rity of an unwavering commitment to their well-being.
  • Fathers train and discipline. Fathers take a powerful part in directing and guiding their children into activities and attitudes that will prepare them for success.
  • Fathers provide. To "provide" means to sustain and enrich. What does a spiritual father provide for his spiritual children? A spiritual father provides an inheritance of God's bless­ing, a spiritual legacy to his spiritual children.
  • Fathers reproduce. Spiritual fathers give spiritual life to new children in the faith by becoming the means through which they enter into the new birth, and receive the baptism  of the Holy Spirit. They continue their ministries as fa­thers by reproducing their own ministries within their spiritual children.
  • Fathers bless and impart. Spiritual fathers impart a spiritual blessing to their spiritual children. The apostle Paul pointed out that God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing through our relationship with Christ (Ephesians 1:3). Paul laid his hands on his spiritual son, Timothy, and imparted gifts and spiritual blessings to Timothy. We should do the same with those God has called us to.

They are our future!

It's time to make a change.


Join FGBMFAmerica™ in reaching the NexGen.


¹ New Hope International Ministries - Seattle Washington

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National Vice President, Next Generation