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About State Fair Texas

The Largest State Fair in the USA.

Its exhibits, shows, food, rides, livestock, contests and entertainment events attract three and a half million visitors from all over the world each year.  It is held inside “Fair Park” which is located just a few blocks east of downtown Dallas.  The Fair is open for 24 days. It starts on the last Friday of September and concludes on the third Sunday of October.

About State Fair Texas Gospel Outreach

The outreach is sponsored by Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America™. We rent a 10’ x 10’ x 10’ outdoor, weather protected, well-lighted, heavy duty canvas booth.  It is strategically located on the busiest thoroughfare inside the Fairgrounds across from the world famous fried food vendors.  We mount an attention grabbing sign in the booth that says “Take the Million Dollar Eye Test”.  People are drawn to the booth to take the test.  The test allows us to diagnose their spiritual condition; they are either alive in Christ or dead in their sins.  We then proclaim the gospel to those who need it.  This gospel proclamation process goes non-stop for 12 hours each of 24 days of the Fair.

The Vision


Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America™ is an interdenominational, Christian layman’s organization
that traces its roots to a literal vision shown to a Los Angeles dairy farmer in California in 1952 similar to the kind of vision
experienced by the prophets of the Bible. The essence of the vision is a mandate to reach men in the marketplace with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Watch this 20 minute slide show to really understand this amazing vision.

Many of the Directors, Outreach Leaders, Intercessors and Volunteers got together for an evening of dinner and prayer for the Texas State Fair Outreach.

Here are the highlights.




"It’s really not that hard once you get over your own fears.  A LOT of people were VERY receptive to what we were talking about.
That’s what prayer Does!"  Sandy, volunteer from last year.


More Testimonies, Team Pictures & Report


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State Fair of Texas Gospel Outreach Stories




2021 Project Manager Report

Training and Preparing for the Gospel Outreach

We recommend you start preparing for your day of service at least 30 days in advance, 60 days would be ideal. Invest 30 minutes a day in some/all of the disciplines listed below. Even if you are not able to find time for preparation, we still want you to show up, so get in your car and pray on the way, BUT COME.


Training Part 1

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Training Part 2

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