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In War story No. 21 a Russian Peasant whom we had nick-named “the Cowboy” was among the first to raise his hand to receive Christ as his savior, and he was also the very first individual to come forward for healing in a meeting on a Russian Communal in farm meeting Dee-Dee-Nugro.  When I asked those in that meeting if they wanted to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, the Cowboy was the first one to raise his hand. Later when I asked those who had pain in their body to stand to their feet, the Cowboy immediately stood to his feet.  He was in the front row of the meeting and as I laid my hand on his head and commanded the pain to leave, he released his faith. How do I know that? Because he immediately fell back into his seat and felt the pain leave his body. And he was the first individual to testify to the fact that he had been healed. 

The Village Commissioner who was the leader of the commune, upon seeing that the Cowboy had been healed was the next individual to request prayer for healing, but he received nothing from the Lord, why? Because he released no faith!  Only moments before he saw the Cowboy healed, this same man had mocked my invitation for people to come forward for Jesus to heal them. He requested prayer because he saw the cowboy healed not because he believed that Jesus would heal him.


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