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After the initial incident with the demon spirit that inhabited the walk-in closet of our new home, it made two additional attempts to re-enter our house.  Both attempts occurred within three months of the time we moved into our home. On the first and second occasion my wife Barbara was in the walk-in closet of our bedroom when she detected the ‘rancid diaper odor’.  On the third occasion Barbara was sitting in a chair in our bedroom studying her Bible when she smelled the evil spirit pass by.  But now Barbara understood her authority in the kingdom of God, and as soon as the spirit manifested she commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus.  Both attempts by the spirit to return occurred within three months of the time she was initially attacked.  After she demanded that spirit leave the third time, we never had another incident in which that spirit manifested in our home.  While we were never really sure, we suspected the spirit had entered the house when the Mormon family who had built the house, lived in it. 


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